Saturday, 30 May 2015

Masking tape, masking tape - my kingdom for some masking tape!

Today started early (again) - I must remind Katie and Millie that 5:15am is not a suitable time to wake me up!  Despite laying in bed until 8am and trying to snooze it just didn't work.  So - after a leisurely breakfast, I did the weekly job of sorting out the medication.  I never imagined that I would be on such a cocktail - let alone need a pill box - but it works so I can't knock it.     I was diagnosed with temporal arteritis last year and started on a high dose of steroids (40mg a day).  Gradually they were reduced by 10% a month until we reached 10mg and then by 1mg per month from then on.  By April 1st I was reducing to 2 mg and the headaches came back in force.  Allegedly there are two possible reasons - stress and a flare up of the condition - so they raised the steroids back to 10mg.  However they did say that when my headaches subsided I could cut them down myself to 6mg.  Having taken no paracetamol for four days I feel ready to start tomorrow with 6mg and we will see what happens.
Today's mission was to start the painting of the conservatory.  Its a large conservatory so I have divided it into two - I will paint the two coats for one end and then move the furniture from the other end and start again - if you see what I mean.  I am pleased with the colour - even after one coat - although it does feel rather grown up!  However I just couldn't find masking tape anywhere in the house - yet I knew that I had had some for the quilting I did several months ago.  I managed the first coat but really need it for accuracy tomorrow so embarked on a mission to buy some - without venturing into Louth (20mins drive).  After trying two different shops I drove to the next village where the garage proved third time lucky.  I was so pleased I could have hugged them.   However I got into the car and drove the dogs to the beach for their walk.  I opened the glove compartment to store my purse out of sight - and found the infamous masking tape that I had used for the quilting.  DUH!
All that is now left to do is to feed the dogs, do a little weeding out front, make dinner and sort out some sewing for tonight in front of the television.  Foodwise I have been really good - the other half of the baked French toast and yoghurt for breakfast, the feta cheese salad for lunch and bacon & butternut squash risotto with eton mess for afters (squirty cream not clotted!)  After a day like yesterday where my slimming world filter was turned off, its nice to get back into focus.
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