Sunday, 24 May 2015

You gotta start at the beginning - its one step at a time

Well - I did say that my mission for the year was to lose 100 pounds - and there has to be a starting point - so here it is!

How am  planning to achieve the loss?  I am following slimming world and so will try to continue this (truthfully my head has not been in the game for the past few months so am hoping to regain my mojo).  I am also planning to walk it off.  A friend suggested that I walked 5k each day - that might be a tad adventurous but its certainly a goal to aim for - both the distance and the speed so that it becomes an aerobic exercise. 

So - this is day two of the journey - I will report in every week so that we can monitor the progress.  Who knows - perhaps this time next year I will be running a 5 k!

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