Sunday, 10 April 2016

The day I wrestled with a feather mattress topper .......and won!

Well - I am still embroidering names on my apron - despite sewing for an hour this morning watching Janet Clare (the apron designer) on Create and Craft.  I guess that's the downside of having a large family!

Today was church followed be a short PCC meeting where I was to present the accounts, answer the interrogation and then (hopefully) get them formally accepted by the PCC before the AGM on Wednesday.  I always worry but never need to - the accounts have been accepted so that job is done for this year!

Once home it was a nice sit down in the conservatory - having lunch and reading the papers.  Lunch was a blast from the past - white cabbage, cooked and then sprinkled with grated cheese.  I don't know why but I just fancied it and, as long as there's not too much cheese, then it's sw friendly.  Over the past week or so I have been struggling with a lot of aching joints - no runny nose etc so I guess its not the flu - but it can make walking around difficult.  I have started to take cod liver oil tablets and glucosamine sulphate tablets so let's see if they work.  I'm told that I should start to feel the benefit after a couple of weeks.

After lunch (it would have been a sleep but Daisy wouldn't settle - ironically she's fast asleep now!) I started to tackle the afore mentioned feather topper.  It's a lovely topper but doesn't fit the mattress now that I have bought an extra deep one - the elastic corners just won't fit.  Nothing for it but to cut the elastic in half and insert another piece of elastic - not a difficult sewing task but you try and squash the large topper between you and the machine whist getting half the elastic under the sewing foot!  Hey voila - the mattress is back on the bed sitting nice and snuggly - before I would wake up to find I have slid down the bed!

Elsewhere in this mad life that I seem to live, my afternoon was filled with dog walks in the sunshine, more emptying of the craft room, getting ready for the return of craft group tomorrow and generally tidying around.  It is also Day 2 of my "no diet coke" week - those of you that know me well will know how much I like diet coke but I cannot ignore the health warnings any longer so I have been cutting down for some time.  This week its cold turkey!

Tonight will be - err, I am not sure, err - ah well perhaps some more apron embroidery.  I guess that will keep me quiet!!


  1. I am sure your dentist will love you for cutting down on the coke ( even diet coke is tough on teeth) if no one else!
    Well done on winning the battle with the topper!

  2. Know how you feel with the aches and pains, think it's called getting old!
    Glucosamine liquid form is far more effective than the tablets.
    And well done on the coke front.
    And the apron, can't wait to see it.

  3. I will look out for the liquid - the tablets are huuuuge!

  4. I am have been in the over weight camp for sometime (I allowed myself to gain weight when I stopped smoking) but now I need to address my weight issue as I have gone from pre diabetes to I have it . Not a good place to be
    So good for you to being getting off the soda or is it only Coke that you are dropping?
    The diet program you are on or the way you eat sounds so yummy
    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area of California USA here for me it's fresh fruits and fresh vegetables I have to stop bread ( from what I know of diabetes so far grains ,sugar ,processed foods or off the eating list) and meat. It's dropping the breads/grains that will be hard for me
    But if you can drop the diet coke surely I can drop the breads