Saturday, 29 April 2017

Oh dear - why do I have friends with such good taste?

Let's start with last night and our epic win (cough cough).  After an interesting discussion about this month's book, and some fabulous food choices from Paula and I which kept us on the straight and narrow, we entered two teams in the weekly quiz night.  By the end we were both tied on a winning score of 41 points and so entered the tie breaker - which we lost.  So - why the epic win?  Well, we share the £20 off voucher anyway so I have brought it home to keep safe until the next month's meeting -so we all won in the end!

Today Daisy decided to give me a lie in - and I didn't surface until nearly nine o'clock!! No sooner was I out of the shower but my phone bleeped - fancy having a cuppa and a catch up with wendy?  Well, never one to turn that kind of invitation down, I was round by 11 and spent the best part of a couple of hours chatting (no - we didn't really see each other on Tuesday - honest!).  She confessed to buying a simply perfect pack of fabric for the next Lynette Anderson BOM but the shop thought that it could be the last one - erm, no it wasn't -I was able to get one as well so thank you Wendy for fessing up!  We also talked about the cruise and how I was also hankering after a return to New York or perhaps more Boston way so that we could go to New York for the day -at which point Wendy said - I want to go as well - don't leave me out - so that could be 2019 sorted then!  These friends are costing me a fortune!!

Back home, a quick tidy up, loading the washing machine etc and it was time to try a new Slimming World recipe - Cauliflower cheese bake.  I will admit to being sceptical about a cheese sauce that uses natural yoghurt as its base but it was lovely and one to try again.

The next step was to christen the new lawn mower before the rain re-appeared - I love it!  No pulling and yanking your shoulder out!  It is so easy to mow that I could get quite giddy!

Then it was onto the secret project (which is taking longer than I thought ) before spending some time getting everything ready for our Scamblesby day tomorrow (I am on cake duty so need to rustle one up this evening).  Hardly the most productive day but a very satisfying one nevertheless!

Friday, 28 April 2017

I've only gone and done it!!

Last night it was the WI craft club where they were learning how to crochet granny squares.  Most of them had never crocheted before and I was really impressed with how quickly they caught on - even if there was some suspect language being uttered every now and again!  We were in Carine's holiday cottage - the couple who had been renting it had to go home a day early since the wife was, sadly, ill so we took advantage of the resource.  I have to say that its a lovely cottage if any one is looking for a holiday cottage to rent.

Image result for MV OceanaAfter two important text messages last night from Julia and Trisha, the first task of the day was to go ahead and book the cruise - yikes!!  It turned out to be even cheaper than we thought AND we get some on-board spending money to do as we wish with - happy days!!  I have even booked my car parking space - get me - how organised!  So - a year ahead of saving money to pay for the holiday plus weight loss!!!

Next up was a quick trip into Louth to buy my low fat sausages - I use this company who have a stall on the market and whose sausages work out to be around half a syn each - result!!  Sunday is one of those Scamblesby sewing days and if I want to avoid the temptation of the lovely sausage rolls then one / two of these will do the trick!  I don't know about you but the weather here is still inclement - cold and overcast (even raining) one minute and then sunshine out the next so walking the dogs meant careful timing!  However my lunch of asparagus and bacon pesto pasta soon warmed me up (there may have been a touch too much chilli though!!!).

This afternoon was another trip to the swimming pool (this time I managed an impressive - well to me - 100 widths!!!!!) before settling down to the secret project that I haven't touched for a couple of weeks -all will be revealed after Sunday I promise!  All that was then left to do was to get ready for tonight - our monthly book club meeting.  The pub's menu has been carefully scrutinised for a SW friendly meal and I have put together a low syn option for pudding (even have enough for Paula if she wants one!) - I am being focused!!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

I only came to have a chat! What on earth have I got myself into now?

Today was one of our frequent catch up meetings at Meadowhall -Trisha, Julia and I spent a couple of hours or so in the M&S cafe -drinking coffee and then having lunch (I took my SW Caesar salad in and nobody said anything).  Trisha informed us of a slight career change, Julia caught us up on family details -particularly cute photos of her grandaughter -and I caught them both up on my parent's move -we now have a possible date of 1st June so it's creeping ever closer!  Julia then brought up the issue of our annual holiday and asked if we had thought about where we wanted to go?  A chat later, we found ourselves making enquiries about another cruse!  We haven't booked it yet but it does look like a good one and at a very acceptable price.  I will keep you updated - dates and family commitments have to be checked first before rushing ahead.

Whilst I was in M & S, I took the opportunity to purchase some treats that are also SW friendly- a diet shouldn't feel like a diet now should it?  These mini meringues looked really tempting (7 syns for the whole pack of lemon ones and 7 1/2 for the coconut ones),

the Percy Pig sweets are 1.5 syns each,

whilst the Percy Pig biscuits are 1syns each.

Finally, the mini jaffa cakes are 1 syn each.  I have some small containers which I fill with 4 / 4.5 syns each so that they are all pre-measured and easily counted!

Tonight I am out at a WI craft night learning how to crochet granny squares.  mmmmm -now which treat should I take to ensure that I do not get side tracked by Carine's carrot cake?  It's a difficult choice!

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Et tu Brute?

Last night was one of those sleepless ones where I just couldn't drop off - so, instead, I got up and tidied the craft room for an hour or so - daft I know!  Consequently I eventually woke up around 9am - how shocking is that? Tired as I am, this has meant that not a lot has been achieved!

I started by tidying the kitchen and loading the dishwasher (how wonderful is the 30 minute cycle?) before settling down to cutting out 48 1 1/2 inch squares and sewing them into 2 rows of 24.  These were for the Lynette Anderson block of the month wall hanging - the central part of which is nearing completion - or so I thought!  The last block was nearing completion and so I finished that off next and added one of the strips.  Whilst I was sorting out all of the panels - I made a gruesome discovery!  I still have one block left to do - block 9 - ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Back to the embroidery board then!

Today was my return to the swimming pool after I had given it a wide berth during the holiday period.  It felt really good to be back!  I even managed to swim 60 widths and two circles (770m in total) again!

And why the title of the blog you may ask?  Well, tonight is the RSC live showing of Julius Caesar at the cinema and you may recall that my mission is to watch every one.  So far so good (only walked out at the interval of one of them) - so far I have seen 15 (if I have counted correctly) out of 38 so we are heading towards the halfway point!!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

It's snowing here -how about you?

Well, if it's Tuesday then it must be ..................... Senior Screen day!  Today we went to see the much anticipated, Oscar winning "Manchester By The Sea".  The trailer looked good, although it promised to be a weepie.  Boy was I wrong - it was a good enough story but very very long and ponderous - the typical "That's 2 1/2 hours of my life that I won't get back again!" film.

After the film, we stopped off for a small Tesco shop (well loads and loads of fruit and veg in my case) and came out to pouring rain and sleet.  That bad weather (the temperature dropped to 4 degrees) continued on and off throughout the afternoon -well, what was left of it at any rate!  To compensate, I had bought the first three series of Line of Duty and the DVD's arrived today.  I had been catching upon You tube but they seem to have been taken down.  So, this afternoon was spent cutting out the rest of the bunting and watching a couple of episodes -I am nearly at the end of Series two and things currently in Series 4 are beginning to make sense.

Tonight is the return to our fortnightly sewing class where we are starting on a silhouette wall hanging.  The pattern looks good - let's hope that I can do it justice.

Monday, 24 April 2017

I was waiting for that!

After the lawn mower debacle yesterday, I spent much of the morning glued to the phone -awaiting instructions as to when it was going to be delivered.  Since I had little spare time today and tomorrow, I wanted to ask them to deliver it on Wednesday.  As the rain poured I grew ever more concerned -if I was out and the electric mower was delivered it would hardly do it any good.  No problems - the nice delivery men had delivered it -and put it in the she cave out of harms way!  Now I just need a dry day to mow the lawn!!

Today was the Textile group - grappling very unsuccessfully with a pencil case of all things! - followed by a WI meeting (in a pub but too soon to weigh in to eat or drink!!)  Then came the main event of our Mondays - weighing in.  With a total of 19 1/2 pounds off in three weeks, this run just could not last without a maintain week.  Today was one of those weeks - I had followed the plan 100% but only lost half a pound.  Am I down?  Nope - I always knew that it was coming so now I have got it out of the way - onwards and upwards.

I got home to a lovely treat from the postman - this month's crochet box.  As you open the brown box, to reveal the coloured box and then the nice tissue paper your excitement mounts.  Inside this months was crochet cotton, patterns for some crochet love hearts, some lip balm, a nice hand warmer, some stuffing and a nice stitch marker.

So -some crochet tonight?  Erm nope - more handsewing me thinks!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Well - that was fast service - NOT!!

After my PC adventures yesterday, I really struggled with the lawn mower - to the extent that I went ahead and treated myself to a new one.  Imagine my surprise when I received an email saying that the mower would be delivered today!!  Less than 24 hours since I ordered it!!  Given that the delivery firm, DPD, don't deliver in this village on a  Sunday I was surprised but delighted at the quick service.  Cue a morning of waiting in!  Ah well, it was a chance to finish a Christmas present and to start cutting the bunting for my brothers wedding (they only want 100m of it !!).

Around noon, I had another lovely surprise - my PC was ready for collection!!  All my birthdays were coming at once!  However I should have known better.  Checking the DPD tracker revealed that my mower was back in Lincoln (around an hour away) by 12:57 because Sophie couldn't find my house.  Dare I suggest that Sophie had not actually tried.  No one else has a problem - if they did then they could ring!  There is no way that, in my opinion, the mower ever left the Lincoln depot - it certainly couldn't make it back from this village in 40mins as their tracking would suggest!

Rant over -I then set off to pick up the PC and took my old one in to be crushed and obliterated to keep the data safe.  The PC was plugged in and worked straight away -even finding my WIFI printer straight away -I couldn't believe it.  In fact I am writing this blog on the new PC. It will take time to get used to it - the last one was 10 years old after all and things have moved on - but it will be fun trying!!

Elsewhere I have taken advantage of the nice weather to paint a third coat (in places) in the she cave and will spend tonight measuring out 10m lengths of bias binding for the wedding bunting (I just know that you are all jealous now!).  Well, it stops me playing with my new toy now doesn't it?