Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Blocks 79, 65 and 81 completed!

When I started to write this blog, the aim was to record the ways in which I filled the first 365 days of retirement.  Given that I am now just 4 months from celebrating two years of joblessness, it should be understandable that there will be some days, like today, where my day will seem very dull compared to most!

I woke up to the sound of Daisy whining - given that it was before 8am I hope that is not a habit she is getting into! Given that it's a Tuesday you'd be forgiven for presuming that we were planning to go to the cinema but, sadly, there was nothing on that we wanted to see.  Therefore a day at home stretched out before me!  Well, what is a girl to do?  I had already stated my UFO aim for the end of March so I got started - those Splendid Sampler blocks again!

I had already "bagged" up three blocks - two which involved paper piecing, a technique that I dislike and which takes sooooo long to do - and so started the final leg of this journey with these.  By mid morning I had finished  this block

whilst the second one took a tad longer.

After a break to walk the dogs at the beach, have lunch and light the fire, it was then onto the last block for the day.  It was supposed to be the easiest but was still very "faffy".

After a quick phone call to the neonatal unit at Grimsby Hospital to check that they would use Bonding Hearts if the WI made them (they will) it was time to draw the curtains and hunker down for the evening.  As I said at the beginning, not the most interesting of days - but we all have them! In fact the most interesting part was finding out that Millie's lead had snapped in the car!!

Tonight I am going to enjoy a bar of chocolate - tomorrow I am going to do the sugar free February.  Looking at the list I think that I can give them all a swerve with the exception of cakes when we sew at Scamblesby.  Therefore I am going to put £1 in a pot for every day that I don't eat sugar in February and then donate the total to Cancer Research.  Only yesterday I heard that an acquaintance had died from Breast Cancer - this is happening too much at the moment and so if I can do a little to help then I will.

Monday, 30 January 2017

What are your thoughts about Donny Osmond?

This morning, sadly, was an early start - it was my last nurse / leg appointment and she no longer needs to see me - yay!!  I know that this has been a marathon but it's nice to see it over and done with - and now I don't have to waste up to an hour twice a week to travel and see her.

Next on the agenda was the craft group.  As ever, we were following the schedule but I might have been a tad optimistic.  Last week we embroidered a panel which would sit at the top of a sewing bag which we started to assemble today.  The schedule says that we should have finished today -but no chance.  Instead we all worked hard, enjoyed a good catch up, moaned a little about how we would like longer and left with homework to do - and next week to finish the bag.  Oops!  The skill required of this project (every project has been chosen to develop a skill) was to achieve perfectly matched corners - there was some seam ripping going on with only a couple asking me to check their corners - bless!

After lunch and, erm, 40 winks (well the nurse says that I still have to rest my leg whenever possible!) it was then time to think about making a dent in the craft room.  Last night I finished this month's UFO and so really need to return some order to the chaos before moving on.  February's UFO target is a tiny project - a portable sewing kit that I bought at Harrogate last November.  This is so that I can focus on the large / ginormous project of finishing The Splendid Sampler quilt by the end of March (gosh, have I really said that out loud?)  The finished quilt will go on the bed upstairs and, since Mum and Dad come up at Easter usually, it would be nice to have it finished for their arrival so that they can admire it - before folding it away whilst they use the blankets and sheets!  On the grounds that I have only completed about 60% of the blocks, let alone the quilting etc, I better get a wriggle on!

And the title of the blog?  Well that was the title of an email I got from Nottingham Arena - no doubt checking my experience but I did chuckle at what responses they may have had from some of the women who went!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

The day after the night before

Well, Wendy picked me up yesterday around 1pm and drove me to Nottingham (do you know how lovely it is to be chauffeur driven with seats that warm your bottom?).  We parked outside one of Wendy's friends house and Julie provided us with a lovely warm lounge, a much needed cuppa and lots of lovely chatting, before her husband kindly drove us into the centre of Nottingham.  We had decided to go to Pizza Hut for tea where Wendy could have a gluten free pizza and I ordered mac n cheese with a side order of ham and some sweetcorn and bacon bits from the salad bar.  A strange combination but utterly lovely.  Then we planned to walk to the arena but, as we passed a taxi rank, we hopped into the hackney cab.  Well, it only cost us £3.80 and the rain was beginning to drizzle - ish!

That meant that we arrived at the arena before it opened and were some of the first to arrive - only to find that I had done it again - the tickets were front row with a fabulous view!  The show was excellent - you wouldn't think that Donny is nearly 60 the way he moved around the stage - he even joked about singing "puppy Love" when he was 100 and trying to keep his teeth in place!  However the highlight of the show, for me, was when he did his "purple card" section - around 15 minutes where the audience could ask him anything and had written the question on purple cards.  One girl had said that she had Asperger's and hated crowds but wanted to see him ever since she had watched Donny on a Joseph dvd.  Her question was "what was it like to wear the coat of many colours".  Donny invited the 14 year old onto the stage, invited her to wear the actual coat and then sang a song from Joseph with her.  This shy, gawky teenager literally brought tears to your eyes.

The other highlight for me was when Donny was singing Moonriver - with a large video screen showing footage of him as a 5 year old singing with Andy Williams.  There was something about the 54 years age gap between the two images of Donny that was very touching.

We arrived home safely at 12:45, thanks to Wendy's driving, and I fell into my bed tired but happy.  Of course that meant a late get up this morning and that tired fog that surrounds a late night.  However I have managed a little bit of sewing and some baking.  On the way home Wendy talked about her parents coming over and how she was going to make an Apple and Cheese cake - not a cheese cake mind you but an actual sponge with grated cheese and cubes of apple.  Well, I just had to try that one out!  It sounded strange but, in truth, it is very nice!  After all apple and cheese goes together normally so why not in a cake?  The sponge is a nice one and you get that sweet and salty taste!  Fancy this as your birthday cake Sewingbuddy?

Otherwise there has not been much going on here.  I have managed to sew the binding onto the wall hanging and just have the hand quilting to do.  I am not sure whether it will all be finished tonight but I will do my best!  Time to get back to reality and a quiet week.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Childhood wishes come true

When I was twelve
You sang "Puppy Love"
You looked into my eyes
We fitted together like a hand in glove
When I was thirteen
I learnt to knit
That free pattern from Jackie
For that purple and white hat that didn't quite fit
When I was fourteen
We moved away and I grew up
I left you behind
Still singing about that lonely pup
Years have gone by
And we have all moved on
Yet on the 28th January 2017
I find myself travelling to Nottingham
As I sit in the arena
With middle aged women shouting "We love the Osmonds"
I am twelve years old again
Hugging my pillowcase with a transfer of Donny Osmond

By the way - did I mention that Wendy and I are off to see Donny Osmond tonight?  More of this tomorrow!!

Friday, 27 January 2017

Fighting with a quilt

Today was a lovely day in - what a luxury!! I am going out tonight to the book club meting but, apart from tickling the cushions etc, today was a day that I could focus on finishing this wall hanging.  First up was a stash raid which resulted in enough fabric for a backing and some for a border.  Truthfully there's a little more patching going on than I would like but, hey, wasn't that the original idea of patchwork?  By the time it's all made up it will be fine.

Then it was time to stitch two large pieces of wadding together to get the right width, before layering up the 3 layers, using spray adhesive to help the smoothing process before attaching some quilting pins in strategic places.  I have to say that, at this stage, I walked away and took the dogs up to the beach - coming back red raw but with the energy and focus to carry on - sometimes you have just got to have a break!

Then it was wrestling time to quilt the layers.  I went for the simple option of quilting the picture blocks and the outside border.  My plan is to attach the binding and then, before stitching the hanging sleeve down, complete some hand quilting around the border (and maybe between the squares if I feel it needs it).  Finally I have some buttons to add - all before the end of Tuesday 31st January!  I think (and I am whispering now) I might just make it!!

However the really big news happened last night.  I had a late appointment with the nurse and, wait for it, she has decided that I don't need any dressings anymore!  She has advised me to keep some "yellow" line on for a while but to let the air get to it etc!  I had already booked an appointment on Monday morning , which we are keeping just to make a final check on it, but then I don't have to go back anymore unless it gets worse!  Yippee!!!!!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

A pair of intrepid explorers!

So, yesterday, Paula and I left home at 3:30pm - more than enough time to get to Sheffield to watch Strictly.  We made good time so had a leisurely break at a service station which was 30 mins from our destination.  Since the doors opened at 6:30, and the show started at 7:30, I figured that if we left at 6pm then we wouldn't have to wait outside in the cold and would have time for another coffee before finding our seats.  What I didn't reckon on was the amount of roadworks!  Wow!  By the time we reached the arena it was 7:20pm and the car park was full.  Taking a punt on a slightly risky car park (well it had a space), we managed to get to our seats just, literally just, as the show was starting - phew!!  Fortunately I had sent Trisha her ticket so she wasn't waiting for us and had asked a couple if they would move up one seat so that we could all sit together (Paula had booked later than us).

Strictly live was, of course, fantastic - live music, superb dancing and very funny.  Not only that but "Kevin from Grimsby" won on the night - at least I've lived long enough to see him lift a trophy!!  However you really haven't lived until you've seen Ed Balls doing his "gangnam style" dance -wow!  One of the judges even gave him a 10!! Mind you they did say that it was for his commitment rather than his technique.  As if that was not enough - we also heard that Strictly had won an NTA award during the evening and the arena erupted - even the dancers backstage could be heard cheering!  Paula, by the way, loved it and is still "buzzing" today.

We got back to the car park and left in good time - it was probably a better option in the end than the usual car park - only to be met with more, so many more, roadworks on the M1 meaning that we couldn't leave using our usual junction.  We left at the next one and headed in what I thought would be the right direction - remembering of course that it is now past 11pm and pitch black with winding roads and no street lights.  Of course I could have used my sat nav but I am a tad stubborn!  Eventually we saw signs for Lincoln and so headed that way - passing through Sherwood Forest and over a toll bridge (seriously who employs someone to collect 40p in the middle of the night?) on our way.  The adventure should have stopped there but, with one more roll of the dice, the fog descended as we went across the Lincolnshire Wolds meaning that sight was extremely restricted.  As it happens we got home about 10 minutes later (1:10am) than our usual route would have taken but it was an eventful evening!!

Perhaps all of this is a long way round to explaining why I didn't wake up until 9am and why today has been somewhat uneventful.  I have managed, however, to sew the front of the "A Quilter Lives Here" wall hanging together and now need to look through my fabric stash to find something suitable for the two borders and binding.  I am not even sure that I have a large enough piece of fabric for the backing so might have to go for a patchwork effect - well, it's a way of using up the stash! 

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Glitz and glamour

Last night, at the sewing group, we have finally started to reach the end stages of a quilt that we started last September.  I now have 21 of these large blocks to make, then sew them all together and quilt - with a load of free motion quilting - yikes!  Of course, some blocks will be rejects so the final size will depend upon how many are useable!

This morning was spent doing housework - well, Jean is coming round later to look after the dogs so it can't be toooooo bad - filling up with diesel and organising some future dates.  My brother retired yesterday so I was arranging a lunch date in February as a catch up and Wendy had found a felting workshop that she was interested in so I booked that for us.

By lunchtime, it was time for a feet up (well that was the medical instruction wasn't it?), some tv catch up and some sewing (well I won't get any done tonight and I only have 6 days left to finish this Anni Downs UFO quilt), before getting ready to travel to see Strictly - the live tour.  It's a round trip of about 4 hours, and we won't get home until gone midnight, but it's worth it!  I am taking Paula who has never been before and is beyond excited.  I am looking forward to seeing it through her eyes!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

An embarassment of riches

You will never guess what.  Today, being Tuesday, I went to the cinema.  I know - what a shocker!!!

Like last week, there was nothing on the Senior Screen that we wanted to see so we chose to see Lion instead.  However, again like last week, we started with a visit to the garden centre for an early "lunch".  Having been a bit disappointed with last week's scone, this time we both chose a breakfast.  This was the small version so heaven knows how big the large one was - but it was incredibly tasty! 

I also picked up a couple of bargains from their sale tables - one is a future Christmas stocking filler and this set of shelves for the craft room - half priced because there are two hearts missing.  I am sure that something can be done here!

After that, it was off to the cinema, armed with our takeaway coffee and free lotus biscuit (who said we weren't living the dream!!).  Having really enjoyed La La Land last week, I was looking forward to Lion, which I now understand has been nominated for a bunch of Oscars.  I was not disappointed.  There was collective sobbing from the audience - as loud as when we went to see Les Miserables - but I would describe it as a truly beautiful film.  The biggest shame, however, was that the lead actor - a 5 year old - has been overlooked for any award nomination - he really does deserve it!

Once home, it was really sunny and pleasantly warm - in fact if the temperature continues to rise, I might be able to get on with painting the she cave! - it was up to the beach with the dogs.  I really enjoy the walk in these conditions - but look at the mess that it leaves in the hallway!

The "tree of life" block is coming along wit just four more names to add, some hearts and some embroidery in the panel.  However tonight is my sewing class so I am not sure how much of the block will be done tonight.

Monday, 23 January 2017

It's always better to deal with a problem head on.

This week, like last Monday, I had an early appointment at the surgery (look at this wonderful sunrise I was treated to).  Like last Monday, the same employee walked in at the same time as me - around 8:30am - and, from the sounds of things, proceeded to boil the kettle and have a good laugh with some of her colleagues before calling her first appointment through.  Nothing essentially wrong with this scenario - unto you realise that the first appointment is 8:30am.  Ever since last week, when the appointment was called through ten minutes late with an accompanying "better see some patients now", I have fumed. Some people will have chosen an early appointment so that they can get to work on time and yet they are subjected to hilarity and a seemingly laissez-faire attitude.  Of course, as the week has gone on, I have pondered whether to leave it, have a word with someone etc - this is a young member of staff who will, I have no doubt, turn into a cracking member of staff.  In the end I spoke to my nurse who admitted that she had had similar thoughts and we decided that a quiet word might solve the problem.  I really hope that she takes the advice in the manner in which it is given.

After the surgery visit, it was then onto the craft group where a lot of hand sewing took place before making the sewing bag next week.  We even decided to scale the bag up slightly which will affect all the measurements - brave or stupid?  Once home I unpacked the car - including the 3 tubs that Jean's husband found for me for my potato growing efforts - my garden will be a veritable allotment at this rate!

After a quick turn around, it was then out to a WI committee meeting for a couple of hours followed by a cold and frosty walk up at the beach.  It was really nice to come home to a warm house.  Tonight's craft objective is to finish appliqueing the named leaves on my "family tree" block.  With over 30 family members it's looking like a fulsome tree!

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Becoming reacquainted with an old friend - the seam ripper

Today was a Scamblesby sewing day.  You must be sued to tis by now - a group of like minded women sewing their variety of projects whilst enjoying pleasant company, lots of talking and eating - well done to Terry for her bread pudding!

So what did I get up to?  Well I decided to take some Splendid Sampler blocks to catch up on.  Boy was I being optimistic!  By lunchtime I had sewn, undone, sewn undone countless times - to the point where I started to think that I might need to start again!  Eventually, however, I managed to finish it - but I REALLY don't like foundation paper piecing!

Then I needed some "messing around" time so I sewed Jean's scraps together - not sure what I will do with this creation but it helped me to refocus before starting a second block.  This was of the more traditional variety but, sadly, I haven't finished it yet.

Once home, brrrrrrr is it cold out there - you don't realise when you've been sat next to a heater all day, it was time to attend to the pooches before tracing a couple of diagrams ready to embroider at tomorrow's craft group.  It is the start of a new project which will, I hope result in a small sewing bag.

Keep warm everyone xx

Saturday, 21 January 2017

The day after the night before

Last night I had a really enjoyable evening - a good meal, in a lovely pub with good company.  The evening started with a glass of bubbly to celebrate the birthday girl's birthday house sale and ended with a respectable, although non wining, quiz score.

So, the real question is, after one glass of bubbly, a glass of lemonade and a glass of tap water, why have I felt so lethargic today?  I didn't wake up until gone 8, mooched around and then did some church book keeping / admin before taking the dogs out up at the beach - so nothing too strenuous.  I can only think that it's my hectic social life!!!!!!!  This doesn't bode well for next week when Tuesday night sees me out at my sewing class, Wednesday I am travelling over to Sheffield to watch the Strictly Live Tour, Friday is a meal out at the pub again wit the book club and Saturday sees me travelling, with Wendy, to Nottingham to watch Donny Osmond.  Ooh eck - it's going to be a busy week!

Tonight I am continuing to work on the last block for the "A Quilter Lives Here" quilt.  I have only got until the end of January to finish this (self imposed deadline) so really need to get a move on - just 10 days to go and counting!!!

Friday, 20 January 2017

Another day, another meal out!

So - last night the WI went out for a meal - and what an enjoyable meal it was.  We were served by someone that I knew I recognised but couldn't place - until I learnt her name today!  It was an ex student - but she looked mid 30's or older - oops!  How old do I feel?

This morning I was up early and hit Tesco's before going on to the car wash.  That was a waste of time really - by the time I took the dogs out this afternoon it was dirty again! 

Yesterday Happymum posed the question - apart from carrots and courgette, what else could be spiralised?  Well I bought this butternut squash " spaghetti" today - oh and this butternut squash "pasta" - what ever next?  I have even bought some cauliflower rice to make a mushroom "risotto" with.  I know that I can make my own but they were on offer so I thought that I would try them first.

Then it was onto the hairdressers before returning to the garden centre to buy myself a second daffodil bird feeder (well they do look nice), some seeds and some pots & soil to plant them in.  I have watched the video telling me how to construct the "vegtrug" and how to plant it all out.  Now I just need to be patient and wait for the weather to warm up a little.

Mind you I can't complain - when I took the dogs out the sun was shining brightly.  It was a lovely walk and made all the better for the radio show I was listening to Kris Akabusi who was truly inspirational as he talked about his childhood, the abuse he received and how he has dealt with it as an adult - check it out on iplayer (one hour in).  Millie and Daisy were also exceptionally well behaved (not something I can usually say about them!).  We spotted someone and his dog in the distance and a digger appearing to be coming towards us.  I called them and both dogs came straight back and stayed with me, waiting to be told that we could get going again.  I was gobsmacked!

When we got home, it was feet up, a cup of coffee and a catch up on the tv from last night.  Daisy appeared to be watching tv but then Millie gave up and curled up on the footstool in the sun - something that she has never ever done before in her 10 years of life!

Tonight, as the title suggests , I am out again - this time at our local pub.  It's a friend's birthday today so we are going out to celebrate - and try our luck at the quiz.  Let's hope that it goes better than usual!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Catching up with old friends

Let's start with last night and my spiraliser.  I will confess to thinking this could be another "hard to use, difficult gadget" that would be consigned to the back of a cupboard.  How wrong could I be.  One courgette later and I had more than enough "spaghetti" to make a carbonara for tea.  This is definitely something that will be used again and again - what's more it was the cheapest version - result!

Today I ventured out to the nurse for my leg ( I think another couple of visits might just do it!) and then spent some time in the craft room trying desperately to bring some order to the chaos - failed, obviously!  Just as the kettle had boiled, and I had taken some hand sewing into the lounge for a rest, an old friend popped by.  We used to work together and has just left work on Friday.  This freedom is still quite new to her but she seems to be adapting well.  As we talked, she began to talk about seeing her family, going to some sewing workshops etc, and I think the penny was dropping.  Doing what you want, when you want is very appealing when all you have known is a regimented life!

Tonight is the WI supper club.  Every other month we go out for a meal and, this month, we are going to a local pub.  At the time of choosing we obviously didn't know what the weather would be like and so wanted to make the driving easier and safer. 

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Another green offering

The weather here is gloomy so it's been a day of housework, ironing  and sorting.  On the ground that I don't imagine for one minute that you want endless photos of dusters and hoovers, I thought I would do a craft round up.  Sometimes all those few minutes spent during the day or in the evening can mount up and I can forget to report progress. 

First up was Terry's block.  You may recall that I had to redo it when the embroidery floss melted.  Well - here is version 2. 

Whilst the embroidery threads were out I set to and completed a splendid Sampler block, published just before Christmas.

Talking about the blocks, I have started to add the sashing and might even be tempted to sew my first row soon!

I also made some home made soup in my soup maker - Kale soup.  Kale is a vegetable that I have only recently discovered and, whilst this soup looks more like a sludge, it was a very tasty soup indeed - albeit I didn't have any celery!

After being almost physically sick listening to Vanessa Feltz today talking about dog fighting (it's disgusting - please don't torture yourself listening to it on iplayer - dog fighting that is, not Vanessa Feltz!), I also went online to check my pension forecast.  It was a very easy process to do, and you can do your own through this link, but I didn't particularly understand the answer.  If £X is the maximum then that was my forecast in big letters in a big green box.  Well, I figured, that makes sense, I have worked for 33 years plus a couple of years earning smaller amounts when at college doing holiday work.  But then the screen went on in smaller letters to suggest that the amount may be £30 less per week unless I want to spend the next 8 years making NI contributions.  I think that's a no then!  However the smaller figure was around what I had originally anticipated so that would be okay - just a tad confusing!  In any case - I am not due to receive it until 4th December 2026 so anything could happen before then!

Tonight I am going to gird my loins and try out the spiraliser - wish me luck!  Photographic evidence to follow!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Dancing on air!

Today, being a Tuesday, you might imagine that we would be off to the usual Senior Screen but, truthfully, there was nothing on offer that we fancied.  Instead I really wanted to see La La Land so Jean and I set off for the 12:20 screening.  Of course, being over lunch, we just had to stop off for a meal break - coffee and a scone in actual fact.

The restaurant was in a garden centre and, with my veg trug yet to be assembled, we spent time looking at veg seeds (carrots, kale, broccoli, courgettes, swiss chard etc) and bought a bag of seed potatoes toshare between us.  I also spotted a trolley of cast iron daffodils that had been priced but not put out yet (they had only come in yesterday).  Back in November I bought a poppy one (they are actually bird feeders and a donation goes to charity but I think that they add permanent colour to the garden) and so thought that a daffodil would add to the collection.  Now in place I am very tempted to get a second one - I love yellow flowers anyway and have put them in an area that doesn't get much sun or water.

Mind you, it's only January but my pots of daffodils and spring bulbs are already showing through!

So - onto the film.  Is it worth the hype.  Yes, Yes, Yes - I loved it!  As the opening number finished I wanted to give it a round of applause.  It's a real old fashioned musical with nods to classics like "Singing In The Rain" and deserves all the plaudits that it is getting.  The lead actor, Ryan Gosling, is such a good piano player that I would have thought that they had used a stand in - had I not listened to an interview with Graham Norton where it appears that its all his own work.

Back home, and more mundane matters, it was time to "plant" the feeders, deal with two dogs who seem to think that they should have a chew every time I come home as their treat for being abandoned and some preparation for an evening of sewing (what else?). Pictures to follow tomorrow - honest!

Monday, 16 January 2017

It feels like christmas all over again

Wow - that was a shock!  The alarm went off at 6:30am - I can dimly recall such a time when I worked but REALLY?  The cause was an early (well 8:45am) appointment at the doctors for my leg, followed by the craft group but it was still a shock to the system!

At the craft group we had planned to finish the mug rug started last week but getting to grips with free machine quilting took its toll and no one has finished.  I got the furthest and just have to over sew the binding.

When I got home the dogs had a lovely surprise for me - one large box of eggs all smashed on the floor!!!  Aren't they just the cutest dogs ever to think of me?  They even allowed themselves to be shut away whilst I mopped the floor - how considerate!  Suffice to say -I wasn't pleased!

However, moments later thankfully - the postman appeared with some goodies!!  First there was a replacement jigsaw - you may recall that I finished this jigsaw with three pieces missing.

Then an envelope from M & S revealed a £10 voucher to use towards sleepwear and slippers.

Then my order of ink for my printer arrived - I have been waiting for this.

Closely followed by some half price Gutterman threads from Hobbycraft.  I was having a ball!

I am feeling better today so braved the inclement weather to walk the dogs at the beach.  To say that it was wet and raw would be an understatement!  So, it was home to heating on, feet up and relaxation!  Ooh - what's that I hear - no surprise there then!!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Going stir crazy

I must be feeling better - it will be good to get out of the house tomorrow!

Confined to barracks, and enjoying the novelty of washing up (that wont last), I pottered around the kitchen before settling down to listen to The Archers whilst doing some sewing.  Project one was a Christmas present (or rather the preparation for a present) whilst project 2 was some applique and marking up for a splendid sampler block. 

Project 3 was the embroidery needed to complete the front of last week's mug rug.  Tomorrow, at the Textile Group, we are planning on doing some free motion quilting and so I wanted to get the front sorted and the backing / wadding cut to size.

Next up was to clear out the fire place and lay the fire.  I don't know about you but its rather cold and damp here and so an afternoon in front of the fire was the order of the day - well, all of that hand sewing needs to be done now doesn't it?  After some intermittent power breaks, I settled down to watch Bobby 66 on Amazon - a documentary film about Bobby Moore.  I can really recommend it - although you will need tissues at the end!

Talking about hand sewing - I set to last night and have made good progress on Terry's block - for the second time grrr!  Still, it would have annoyed me to leave it with that thread damage so I feel better for making the effort.  Sometimes it's just better to take a deep breath and right the wrong!  Now - that's not a bad metaphor for life now is it?