Monday, 29 February 2016

The curse of the Splendid Sampler

Having slept well last night, only to awake thinking of devious calculations that needed to be done to address the block disaster of yesterday, I made a bee line for the craft room and added a red border to my block.  I even then embroidered onto  the border to make it look like it was meant to be.  I stood back and admired it!  Then I moved onto block 5 - only to unpick when one piece was cut half an inch too big!  Nevertheless I ironed all five and took a photo for the blog - only then realising that my new red border was now too big and the block would need cutting down again - grrrrr!

Otherwise today has been one of tidying up the shreds of cardboard that Daisy leaves in her wake, hovering and rearranging rugs - that Daisy persists in moving for me - and generally sorting out Daisy's chaos!  As I put onto Facebook last night, Daisy has now learnt how to jump onto the sofa so things can only go one way!

This afternoon was the craft group followed by a lengthy PCC meeting - finishing just before 6pm hence the lateness of this post.  We only meet 4 / 5 times a year so meetings tend to be long in order to cover all the decisions that need to be made - thank goodness I had those figures to hand!  Unusually for me I even proposed to spend some serious money - I must be going soft in my old age!

Sunday, 28 February 2016

I'm going number blind!

Having slept very deeply last night, I awoke in time for my crafting TV fix.  Truthfully I didn't really understand today's programme and the disjointed instructions left me rather confused - which was sad because he was trying to explain how to use EPP to create a stargazer lily - a nice alternative to quilts / cushions.  Still it gave me the opportunity to finish my block 4 - the embroidery really adds some texture to the block I feel.  Mind you Block 5 was released this afternoon - no peace for the wicked so they say!

After Church I sat down to tackle the accounts - the AGM is in April and, of course, the accounts have to be audited.  There was no problem balancing the books - the problem comes when transposing the figures into the various forms that the PCC would like.  By the time you have collected every different transaction into the different categories by month - and then transposed to the next spread sheet it should all balance again - so why doesn't it?  Of course there will be a simple explanation - I will have copied something over twice!  I just wish it would work out first time for a change!  Why do we want a breakdown by month you ask?  Well we have a meeting tomorrow and some members want to discuss spending some serious money on the church hall (the building which hosts the fund raising events) but we have some outstanding bills from a new heating system that we bought last year and have to pay the Church of England a serious amount of money every year for the services of a vicar etc.  In other words I am trying to get an accurate forecast of where money could come from this year to help with tomorrow's decision making.  However it is leaving me befuddled!  there's nothing for it - walk away and return tomorrow with fresh eyes!

I did take a break mid afternoon to enjoy the lovely blue skies we have on the East Coast - and the dogs enjoyed their walk - in fact they have been curled up together ever since we returned!  Tonight my crafting plan is to look at completing a 12 day's of Christmas banner for the WI.  At our first craft meeting we shared out the 12 pieces to complete the redwork and they now need sewing into a banner.  However I have just noticed that number 11 hasn't been given in - grrrr  Since the banner has to be ready for Thursday night I guess that this is my homework then!  It's a good job that I like redwork.


I wrote the above intending to walk away from the accounts but, as ever, just couldn't leave things alone.  The good news is that I have solved the problem and everything is balanced and ready (well nearly ready) for tomorrow's meeting.  The bad news is that after spending all afternoon looking at the computer screen I then went and trimmed my block to 6" instead of 6 1/2 inches tall!  The curse of being tired!  I am now leaving well alone and will, some time in the future, add a border!

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Life lessons

When I first started this blog it was with the intention of chronicling my first year of retirement.  Of course, secretly, I imagined a life full of excitement and adventures - and I have certainly had more than my fair share of fun.  But along the way there are days where you just need to stand back and reflect on how life is treating you and, more importantly, think about others.  It is the realisation that you are not always the most important person in your universe!

This is a round about way of explaining why I may not have achieved much today - but I have made time to support some wonderful friends. This morning, for example, I popped round to a friends house for a cuppa and a chat.  Her husband is in hospital and it can be tough juggling everyone's demands on you when all you want to be is by his bedside.  I had bought her a present yesterday and, periodically, she stroked the gift - I thought that she'd like it!  In her husband's absence I was also able to offer an opinion on a new dress that she had bought (it's gorgeous by the way!)

Later I was able to make contact with another friend who has only just returned to work after a long absence.  We haven't touched base for far too long so we've arranged to try a new tea room in the area (after she has met Daisy of course!).

Talking about Daisy she recognised the rescue dog that growled at her before - Daisy spotted her on our walk from across the car park and growled / started barking.  The rescue dog knew when to keep silent!  On our walk I have started to let Daisy off the lead - when it's safe - and she followed Millie down the small hill.  When Millie ran back up the hill, Daisy scared herself and sat down expecting to be carried back up the hill.  For the while there was a tussle of wills before she gave in and came back - phew!

Otherwise there has been some housework completed and the applique started for the 4th block from The Splendid Sampler.  Once ironed on, I can blanket stitch the shapes tonight.  I must confess to sleeping well last night, only to still feel tired today.  What a shame that the dogs don't agree!

Friday, 26 February 2016

Filbert Fox and Freddie Pheasant

Today I have been to a lovely workshop at The Bramble Patch - a round journey of nearly six hours but oh so worth it.  We were a gang of 4 - Sewingbuddy, Jean, Pat (who drove - thank goodness!) and myself and we had a start time of 5:45am!!!  You need to also spare some sympathy for the fifth member of our group - Auntie Sue - who acted as Dogsitter and started her duties at 5:40!

The early start was to miss the rush hour traffic- an aim that was achieved and which saw us arriving at Watford Gap services for a cuppa and breakfast around 9am.

The workshop was about transposing some patchwork applique using Teflon sheets - a skill which can now be added to my repertoire.  Sewingbuddy got on well with her Freddie Pheasant whilst I was a little slower - both of them will, eventually, be made into a cushion and mine might, just might, end up as someone's Christmas present!  Ssh!

Meanwhile Daisy sent me a selfie to reassure me that all was well back at home - the place that I have only just returned to!

However it has been an excellent day and one that I can thoroughly recommend to anyone interested in patchwork!  A huge thank you must go to Pat and to Auntie Sue for their sterling efforts!! x

Thursday, 25 February 2016

To praraphrase Meatloaf - "six out of seventeen aint bad!"

Although I slept well (thanks to night Nurse) I woke up feeling really sluggish and so a lot of my "jobs" have been sit down ones.  First up was the third block from The Splendid Sampler.  yesterday I started but cut the wrong piece of fabric off - usually a good sign that I should stop.  so today I redid that piece and completed the whole square. 

Next up was the church accounts.  Now is the time of year that I get them ready to be audited so everything needs a final check.  With four accounts to check I have finished with three of them so feel quite pleased with myself.

Next up was the pile of ironing that has accumulated - cue a pile of tv recordings to help pass the time.

Finally I sorted and checked my box of goodies for tomorrow's workshop.  It's an all day sewing workshop (don't worry someone is looking after the dogs) at one of my favourite sewing shops ( crack open the credit card then!).

So I would say that I really haven't achieved much - but then I checked the post it notes and could  six of them to the completed door (hence the blog title)- so that's a result!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Be careful - the disease is spreading!

Another fitful night, another morning with a running nose and a trip to the shops to look forward to.  If nothing else I needed some night nurse (other medications are available lol)  but I also wanted a few bits for a sewing workshop that I am going to on Friday - more of that later in the week.

Whilst I was out I just simply had to make a detour to B & Q.  You may recall that I seem to have a fetish for plastic boxes, closely followed by my father who I bought 15 for last week.  Well - the bug has spread and Sewingbuddy has joined the addiction.  She is starting small - and just wanted me to get her 2 boxes - but we all know where this addiction could lead her!  I need to keep an eye on her - either that or set up a group "Plastic Boxes Anonymous"!

This cold is making everything seem like a real uphill task so I cannot say that I have achieved much today.  However when Daisy had gone quiet for far too long I just knew that it was time to investigate - only to find that she now loves raw potatoes  in my lounge!

Otherwise this afternoon has been dozing, followed by a little sewing and hovering up the potato bits!  I have been trying to sew the third block from the Splendid Sampler before number 4 comes out tomorrow!  However when you cut the wrong piece of fabric off your heart you know that it's probably time to stop!

Meanwhile the post it notes have made a re-appearance.  Wendy kindly gave me some posh ones which I am saving for my Christmas panic.  These are from the works and each post it note represents a job to be completed in February - yep - thank goodness its a leap year!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Kleenex Balm anyone? (other brands / products are available!)


Well the streaming cold has got worse and I have spent much of the day feeling truly awful.  However life goes on, as they say, and I really should count my blessings.  This morning, for example, I popped around for coffee to a friend who has lost her brother suddenly in a car accident.  For obvious reasons I won't go into details but the sudden passing of any relative is difficult to bear. I took a card and enclosed this little gift which, I think, says more than I could ever say.

Today started early with an 8:30am appointment to see the nurse re my leg.  She has decided to leave the dressing off and has asked me to pop back in a week's time to check its progress - hurrah - no more covering the wound in cling film before I have a shower!  An early start to the day then meant that I had time to deal with my homework for the sewing class tonight.  By lunchtime I had finished sewing the blue blocks and had cut out the green blocks for tonight.


Meanwhile Millie and Daisy took up their usual positions!

Having not slept well last night, I had my usual afternoon doze before starting again on the craft room.  My decluttering regime has progressed to the cutting table and the myriad of boxes underneath the table - all of which need sorting and rehoming (keep, throw or charity!)

Tonight is the afore mentioned sewing class - and, I suspect, and early night!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Who's the boss?

This morning I woke up with a streaming cold and am rapidly using up every tissue in the house - much to the amusement of both dogs who pounce on any fallen tissue and shred it!  With this afternoon being the craft group, I spent this morning sewing and cutting out pieces for my Tuesday night blocks.  We had homework to finish the red blocks and then cut out and sew three blue blocks and three green blocks.  Well, as you do, I have left the homework until the last minute and managed, this morning, to finish my red squares.  I also cut the blue squares out and will sew them tonight - leaving me with just the green ones to do tomorrow!  Mind you we don't know what colour comes next so it might be prudent not to sew the green squares so that I have something to do tomorrow - erm!!

Spending all morning in the craft room - which is south facing so nice and warm today - the dogs came in and lay down.  Millie has been very reluctant to use her new bed so it was lovely to see her trying it out.

Minutes later I saw this swap going on ......

..............before they both settled on a compromise!!

Numbers were down at the craft group today - a mixture of car repairs, bereavements and child care issues - but we soldiered on with our mini tote bags.  My needle broke just as I was top stitching mine and I had left the spares at home - another UFO then - but I am pleased with the overall effect!

With the days drawing out, it was lovely to take the dogs on a sunny walk - this time I braved both being on a lead and walked them up the path at the beach before letting them off.  I really want Daisy to learn how to come back so lots of treats were used!  Trust me - she is now getting used to the idea of treats!

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Have a little faith!

Yesterday I blogged that Daisy was having a terrible day!  Whilst that was undoubtedly true, there seemed to be a number of people who took some delight in her misbehaviour with one person actually suggesting that I give her back!  Well today she is being an angel.  She has slept for most of the day (probably tired herself out yesterday) and has had no accidents in the house - in fact she hasn't had any accidents in the house (I don't count using her training pad in this ) for several days - including yesterday!  So, no, I am not giving her back.  I have faith that she is growing up!  She is only 3 1/2 months old!

So, rant over.  Today has been a day of rest - as a Sunday should be.  I slept really well and then dozed again in front of two hours of seeing programmes on Create and Craft.  First job on the agenda was to complete block 2 from The Splendid Sampler challenge.  Block 2 was released on Thursday but I just haven't had time, until today, to complete it.  It is a challenging square consisting of 36   1 1/2 inch squares - some of which are made from half square triangles.  Once completed the square then requires a little hand embroidery - a job tailored made for an afternoon sofa visit!

Next up on the task list was getting ready for the craft group tomorrow afternoon.  We are making a mini tote bag from The Splendid Sampler so I have cut out all my pieces and printed off some instructions for everyone to follow (we don't have internet access for everyone to use at the hall).

After lunch and the usual housework issues (loading the dishwasher and washing machine etc) it was time for the afore mentioned embroidery plus some more handsewing from the Anni Downs quilt.  After I had sewed the body of one butterfly the phone rang - Wendy, who never asks for help, was in trouble with her shoulder.  I went round and persuaded her to go to the Urgent Care Centre in Louth where she was treated and a prescription issued.  That all took the best part of tow and a half hours but we are lucky to have such a local facility - Wendy was seen almost straight away - the treatment took the time.  (Me - I caught up with British Bake Off!).

So I guess this evening will see the afore mentioned hand sewing and completion of block 2 - mind you block 3 has now been released and seems worse than block 2 - there are 20 squares measuring 1 inch by 1 inch!!  Ah well - that's for another day I guess!  I'm off to give Daisy a cuddle and defend her from her critics!

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Daisy's in disgrace

Last night went well - a lovely meal (well we won't talk about my main course - I didn't like it!), followed by a quiz.  We came first (well they would include a tv theme round - duh!) - with such a high score that the quiz master said - what are you - all teachers or something?  Well - one of us anyway!

So, onto today and its the monthly visit to West Ashby to sew all day.  My task was to sort out borders for each of my squares - each block is a slightly different size so you can vary the size of the borders to create identical squares.  I took Daisy since she is still eating at lunchtime but, from the start, she was a nightmare - weeing and poohing everywhere.  If she wasn't doing her business then she was behaving like a bored teenager - I called it the terrible two's!  She only calmed down when I emptied my sewing bag - at which point she curled up and went to sleep in it!

I think this could be the last time she comes sewing with me!

Tonight its off to Louth to serve ice creams etc at the local theatre - something I volunteer for once a month.  I did not sleep well last night and so could do without it but a commitment is a commitment!  Mind you as I write this Daisy is going mad barking at Millie so perhaps I will get more peace going out!

Friday, 19 February 2016

Merry Christmas everyone!

Last night was an evening of two halves.  First up was slimming World and, after the angel that I had been last week, I stepped on the scales eager to see the huge weight loss.  Well - it was a loss but hardly huge - just two pounds!  I am presuming that I got away with it last week and that things have caught up with me - but!  Next up was the WI craft group where the Chairwoman - Terri - was kindly hosting and teaching us how to decoupage.  I took along a Clarins box to cover the lid (it is the right size to store most of my Splendid Sampler blocks in).  I was very pleased with the result - particularly when Carine discarded the title from one of her pages ( I love the film Yankee Doodle Dandy) and when Terri kindly gave me a handmade handle made from two empty bobbins to decoupage in place!  I just need to fasten a thin ribbon around the sides to draw the two box pieces together and complete the project.

Today was a catch up with Trisha and Julia at Meadowhall (Jean kindly came round and fed Daisy).  I'm not saying that we talked a lot - but we had been in M & S cafĂ© for over two hours!  As usual the conversation covered family issues, health etc before swiftly moving onto medication and funeral arrangements - I guess its a sign of old age then!  We stopped and laughed when we realised what was going on!  Trisha had kindly bought me a replacement Kipling monkey to replace the one that I had lost and gave me an Estee Lauder toiletries bag that she had been given as  a free gift - I am one lucky girl!

Tonight, hence the title of the blog today, is the WI Christmas meal (that would be 2015 Christmas meal then).  We have to bring a small gift and will swap using raffle tickets to decide on an order.  I can't say what's in mine yet - but it is WI related!

Thursday, 18 February 2016

When does an eye for a bargain become an addiction?

Today heralded a weekly shop - this time I went to Morrisons as it had an offer on Hula Hoop Pufts - don't ask! They are low in calories and taste really nice.  They are also £1.75 in Tesco but £1 in Morrisons currently.  After filling up with petrol I then made my way to B& Q which is where my dilemma in the blog title comes from.  You see Dad now wants the same plastic boxes as I have but can't find any near him.  Mum phoned me yesterday to tell me of his plight but remarked that they had seen some on Amazon for the right price.  Since I have Amazon prime - could I please order him some to be delivered free today.  No problem says I - how many?  erm - 10 please was the reply.  Gulp - well I couldn't exactly say anything now could I so I went online to order - only to find that there was a limit on ordering of 5 boxes.  This was now beginning to feel like rationing - was there a global shortage of these boxes?  Was I the cause?

Thinking laterally I ordered 5 and told Mum that I would pop into B & Q today to get the other 5.  Would you believe it - the email pinged and another offer from B & Q came through - is my phone being tapped? - £10 off a £50 spend.  At £6 per box Dad's 5 would take me to £30 anyway - well, I reasoned, if I got another 5 for myself then I would hit the £50 mark and we could use the voucher - they will always come in handy.

Standing in front of the boxes - a plentiful supply I might add - I decided to ring Mum just to check that she didn't want any more - given the national shortage of course!  Put on the spot she decided to go for another 5 making it 10 for Dad in my trolley.  I then made the ultimate sacrifice and only put 4 in for me.  I now had £84 pounds worth of boxes.  At the check out I handed over my phone with my e-voucher and £10 was taken off the bill - but so was another £14.  Like last week the computer still has the offer 2 for £10 programmed into it (I had secretly hoped that it might which is why I went for an even number).  Long story short each box turned out to be £4.30 rather than £6 - It's a steal!

All of this is a long way around explaining why my car is full of plastic boxes and looks like this!  I really need to stop buying these boxes and let the rest of the world get a look in!


The rest of the day has been rather trouble free - thankfully!  I have even cleared away in front of the cupboards in the craft room - and have just thrown away a decomposing carrier bag!  I guess that if it's decomposing then it sure isn't going to be used again in a hurry!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

One out, one in - you've gotta love charity bags!

Late last night I received a lovely text message - my dyson has been dispatched and should be delivered today.  In fact I have just received this text message re delivery - I would be amazed at how accurate they can be if I didn't know that some deliveries at work had to wait until the scheduled time.  I kid you not - some delivery men have stood there at the front desk until the allotted time - this electronic signing also records the time of course!  Mind you, I am not sure how this trade in will work.  I have wrapped the old hoover up and will await instructions.

So - onto today.  the day has been spent largely in the craft room - still sewing, sorting and decluttering (this will be a loooong job!).  Whilst I was sat unpicking a block that just wouldn't work I heard Daisy scream - Millie had decided to "share " Daisy's bed!  Later on I noticed that Daisy had moved to sleep in the rubbish bin and Millie was trying to fit herself in the pup's bed!  I have never had dogs who would keep me company in the craft room so this feels like a treat.  The new craft room definitely has to have room for two dog beds!  Shh - maybe I will get Millie a new one tomorrow!

Having filled the charity bag, and stored in the car until its put out tomorrow morning, I checked the post box - only to find that a second one had been put in there ready for collection on Friday - ooh goodie - more clutter to go.  Meanwhile I am already bagging up craft magazines and items to take to my sewing class on Saturday with the hope that someone will find them useful.

As the morning has gone on, and despite the arrival of the aforementioned hoover ( they didn't' take the old hoover away ), I must admit to feeling distinctly under par.  It's only a cold and sore throat - but I just felt soooo tired  - so treated myself to an afternoon on the sofa.  Mind you once I built the new dyson I couldn't resist a hoover around - it is so much more powerful than the last one!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Beware the quiet man

Today being Tuesday it was off to the Senior Screen with Jean.  Today's choice of film was "The Bridge of Spies" and I must agree with comments that I heard - It was a great film and I was particularly impressed with Mark Rylance.  The film covered the spies in the cold war but, for me, was particularly powerful as you watched the Berlin Wall being built.  I remember it being taken down but, perhaps, did not fully appreciate the terror of its construction.  The title of the blog comes from a running theme throughout the film. Tom Hanks plays an unremarkable quiet man who just knows what is right and demands it - even when reason dictates that he should just give up.

The film was a long one so I didn't get home until 2pm.  Lunch was a quick "bacon buttie" before taking the "girls" up to the beach.  It was freezing cold and very windy - I didn't dare let Daisy off the lead for fear that she would go flying!  Whilst on our walk we came across an elderly gentleman who we meet quite often.  He has a small dog and we had talked previously about how he wanted a second dog and how his wife wanted a Cockerpoo - so it was time to introduce him to Daisy.  It turns out that he now has a second dog - a rescue dog - and, as Daisy bounded up, the rescue dog went for her and Daisy's squeals could be heard loud and clear.  Of course she wasn't injured - just being a scared diva!!  The gentlemen was upset at the thought of what could of happened and so we stopped to reassure him and let him have a cuddle of Daisy (after his dog was put in the car!)

Home, and a cuppa, I then set to doing some more decluttering  in the craft room (the charity bag is overflowing!) whilst  watched the new O J Simpson BBC 2 series on iplayer - it's very good!  I also gave in (that didn't take long) and ordered my new Dyson.  they are having a part exchange offer which was just too good to ignore.  I missed the time for next day delivery so it should arrive on Thursday!

Dinner is going to be one of my favourites - a shepherds pie - before settling down for some more hand sewing.  I'm living the dream!

Monday, 15 February 2016

The Splendid Sampler is off to a splendid start

Let's start, as usual, with last night.  Happymum and co arrived safely and the house was quickly filled with cries of Daisy, Daisy.  To say that she was a hit was an understatement - in fact I think that Teen 2 was reluctant to leave her today - knowing that the next time they saw her would be when she had just passed her first birthday!

I was lucky enough to receive a bag of goodies - a printmaking book, some very rare fruit crumble slices (Aldi in Louth sold out very quickly) and some homemade dog biscuits - biscuits which both Millie and Daisy are enjoying!  There were also two dog toys in the bag - one for each of them.

Mind you I reciprocated the gift process with a box of the much sought after ginger nut biscuits!  They were thrilled!

After an "out of the freezer" tea, we settled down for a chat and some tv - in fact, at one point, all five of us were on the internet on our devices - modern life eh?  But being together in the lounge meant that Daisy could get more fussing with Teen 1 being able to take her turn in cuddling the pooch.  (By the way I should point out that Millie was made a fuss of as well so that she didn't get left out!)

This morning was a leisurely breakfast of "flying saucers" (circular toasted sandwiches) and many more cuddles and strokes.  Happymum and co left around 11 heading first towards Cambridge.  Her husband bought a book of pictures taken over 100 years ago and, over the past few years, has been visiting the locations to see if he can recreate them (I'm sure there's a book deal there!)  Apparently two of the pictures were taken in Cambridge and since they were passing by it seemed a shame not to stop.


After they had left, and after Daisy collapsed into her bed with exhaustion, I started to make the much awaited first block of the Splendid Sampler.  You may recall that this is a year long challenge of 100 blocks - designed by over 80 different designers from around the world.  There will be two blocks issued every week on a  Sunday and a Thursday.  Since I didn't have time yesterday I set to today.

After lunch it was time to head off to the doctors to have my leg dressing changed (only 2 more weeks she thinks!) before settling down in the craft room for some decluttering (again!)  Today there was another charity bag in the post box so I have until Thursday to fill it - I think that I need more of a challenge than that!  I even managed to give Happymum a full carrier bag of wool!  How comes the room doesn't feel any emptier?

This evening will see me settling down for some hand sewing.  the nurse congratulated me on keeping my leg up - but I have never been told to so now I have a legitimate excuse!

By the way - I can report that I have been 100% slimming World perfect this week - even eating my own meal rather than joining in with my guests.  A little antisocial but I think that they understood!  Today's intake has been beans on toast with a fried egg for breakfast, two slices of Weetabix cake, a small bag of haribo sweets, a strepsil sweet (sore throat but you have to count each sweet!) and a large egg and ham salad for lunch with a yoghurt for afters.  Dinner will be steak and chips with veg followed by fruit salad and yoghurt with a nice Aldi chocolate covered rice cake.  As I have said before slimming world is hardly starving yourself!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

A quiet but fun filled day

May I start with an apology - today's blog is going to be rather short!

I have spent all day at Scamblesby - our monthly get together of friends - working on the Anni Downs quilt.  I don't think that people really appreciate quite how long it takes to copy and cut out all of the templates - but the final effect is worth it.

Of course I took Daisy - but this will be her last time. She behaved herself (well, one little slip) but she is now beginning to be old enough to leave for longer periods and has come home with enough energy to really torment Millie!

However the real reason for the brevity of this post is that Happymum and her family are due to arrive in the next half an hour so I had better set to getting things ready.  Hopefully I can catch up tomorrow x

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Well - a day that didn't quite turn out as planned!

Happymum and her family are coming up for an overnight stay tomorrow so I thought that I would spend the day getting ready.  First up was the conservatory which just needed some dusting and hovering - plus a little rearranging.  whilst I was there I thought that I would cut the pine pole down ready to hang the four stars quilt later.  I should have know then that this day would degenerate fast!  I couldn't find the saw that I knew I had and knew exactly where it was - except it wasn't there!  I looked high and low - and then drove into Louth to buy another one!  Pole cut, dust hovered up - onto the next room.

The rest of the house was hovered and dusted and, by lunchtime, "Sawgate" was forgotten about.  Time to sit down with my favourite designer (Janet Clare) on Create and Craft and attach a hanging sleeve.  Machining completed I moved from the sewing room to the lounge - only to trip over and falling (I suspect on the quilt bottom) and breaking the edge of the dyson in the process!  Today was well and truly doomed!

The good news is that the hoover is still working, the hanging sleeve has been hand sewn and the quilt is now hanging on the wall.  I suspect that I might ache from my "adventures" tomorrow but at least I'm still smiling!

The rest of the evening will be getting ready for the sewing day at Scamblesby tomorrow - I've made my infamous Weetabix cake and have even made some slimming world sausage rolls.

Indeed food today has gone well - a breakfast of fresh fruit salad and yoghurt, lunch the same as yesterday and dinner will be a roast dinner - with enough for dinner tomorrow night.  My guests are having pizza, chips and a salad - not exactly sw friendly!

But be careful - this quilting lark is not good for your health!!