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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Stages of retirement

I woke up this morning - at the more respectable time of 7am , since you ask - and was totally disorientated.  for a minute or so I just couldn't work out what day it was - it was pouring with rain outside yet I just couldn't decided whether it was Sunday or Monday.  In fact I am embarrassed to admit that I worked it out by realising that the BGT final hadn't been on yet so today must be Sunday.  Although this could be a sign that I am getting old and forgetful, I took it as a sign that "does it matter what day it is?"  Clearly, being a Christian , then Sundays are important but this could have happened any day and was, perhaps, a healthy sign that I have started to settle into this retirement lark. After all does it really matter whether it is a Tuesday or a Wednesday if I don't have any appointments to attend etc?

So I asked dear old Google whether there were stages of retirement - just as there are supposed to be stages of life - and came across this.  If it is true that there are six stages of retirement then I am clearly still within stage 3 (the honeymoon stage) and not looking forward to stage 4 where I become disillusioned with my lot (is this it?).

Elsewhere, back at the range, today has seen the second coat of paint on the conservatory.  Before the end of the day I want to clear that end, wipe surfaces down and wash the floor before moving the furniture from the other end ready for the paint treatment.  Given that tomorrow will be the first day that the rest of the school returns from half term (including the new head teacher) without me I have planned to go out to lunch with a friend so will not be tackling the painting !  Tomorrow also sees the first of my walking challenges.  As part of my get fit campaign I am planning to walk the dogs 5k before breakfast and time myself - the raincoats are ready for action!

Sewing wise I have done a few English Paper Piecing's (EPP's) and plan to finish amending a top which shrank in the wash - I made the top without prewashing the fabric first - grr!  Fortunately I think that it is saveable.

Food wise it has been another good day - boy am I on a roll!  Breakfast was bacon, egg and mushrooms, 2 hifi light bars with coffee for a break and then my favourite feta cheese salad for lunch.  Finally dinner was a repeat of last night - butternut squash and bacon risotto with Eton mess for afters.


  1. Another interesting read. I am sure this retirement lark has energised you, I really hope it is not raining tomorrow morning -you might just be tempted to snuggle back under those covers!!!!

  2. Oh ye of little faith. The raincoat is waiting and I even have a walking pole since I don't know what the terrain will be like. This girl means business!

  3. Every time I read your blog I want to invite myself for dinner! It always sounds so tasty...and so healthy too :)
    I regularly wake up and wonder what day it is...and even..where am I! Sounds like there is no hope for me when I get to retirement age!

    1. Bless you - it's only healthy because I'm being good! I didn't confess to Friday now did I? Lol x