Saturday, 13 May 2017

It's Saturday so it must be bed changing day!

Clearly I would change the bedding anyway (although I have taken the opportunity to change into my new 4tog feather duvet from IKEA - let's hope that the night time temperature doesn't drop too much!!) but my journal has allocated today to change the bedding and then tidy the bedside table and dressing table.  I am finding that doing little and often is better than an all out attack!

Today is a little more overcast than previous days - just right to resume the painting of the she cave.  BIG MISTAKE!!  Reaching above my head to paint the roof has resulted in some aching muscles!  However I persevered - until the paint ran out!  Ah well!  I would like to say that I am nearly there but no such luck!

After the obligatory dog walk (which then resulted in two floppy tired out pooches), a quick local shop for provisions ( I am having a slimming world meal tonight - 5 spice pork - which smells wonderful but a tad different!) and the afore mentioned bed change I ventured upstairs to the guest bedroom ........ to make up the bed!  As each day passes it is looking increasingly likely that Mum and Dad will have to spend a few days / weeks here in between moving out of one house and into the next so I am starting to get the room ready.  My only complaint is that they favour two sheets and blankets - it's days like today that I really appreciate the ease of duvets!

After some more weeding of the gravel area, mowing the lawn (did I mention my super duper new mower?) it was then time to make some mini victoria sandwiches to take round to the church hall - they are having an afternoon tea tomorrow.  Sadly I will miss it (although that may be a wise move dieting wise) due to a sewing workshop in Lincoln.  I have always wanted to learn how to sew hardanger embroidery - in fact, if I had a bucket list then it would be on it - and am therefore looking forward to starting the challenge tomorrow.


  1. So it's your fault now if the weather turns cold!
    What's hardanger embroidery?
    Am sure you will enjoy the day, BUT what about the cake?
    If you can't eat it, can you bring it home for me?

    1. Lol - my plan is EITHER to refuse it or (more likely) ask if I can bring it home and have on monday as an after weigh in treat like I did with Louise's birthday treat. But my problems don't stop there - what about the lovely lunch with the gorgeous pud for afters - oh the trials and tribulations of being good!

  2. Yes not good is it, sewing is is not a good hobby for dieters!
    But what a waste I should imagine the high cost ofthat workshop is to pay for the food.
    Why don't you take an empty lunchbox and fill fill it up and eat your way through it in the week.
    Oh and then you have Tuesday to contend with!!M

    1. but Tuesday is a pack up isn't it? Much easier to control x

  3. You are going to organise yourself out of existence if you aren't careful!