Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Groundhog day? I wish

Yesterday I wrote that anything seemed possible - today not so!  I woke up feeling as if I had had a good nights sleep - it was actually 8:58am - yikes - I never sleep in that long.  After a healthy breakfast of fruit and yoghurt it was time to start the painting of the bottom half of the dresser.  Despite the oversleeping (or because of it) everything seemed to take far too long so by lunchtime I had just given the bottom half the two coats it needs - and there's still the drawers to do tomorrow.  However I moved the unit into the conservatory this afternoon and am delighted with how it looks.  Even Henrietta the chicken has given her approval!! Now there's mainly clearing up and cleaning to do in the conservatory - and then I can get crafty and start making the table runner / seat covers / cushions and chicken bunting - not much then!!

Millie found the "stream"!!
shadow selfie - new trend?
the non existent steps!

After an afternoon nap (boy I must need these sleeps) I decided to get outside for some fresh air and tried another long walk.  Not quite as far as the 5k last week but a smaller loop in the same location.(3.18km at 17:52 min / km, last time the pace was 19:53 min/km so I am getter better and faster!)  Last week I noticed that there was an unexpected set of steps to go down which would then get you back to the car park.  I was also treated to my very own air display - the RAF regularly uses the area to practise their shooting and bombing so you can see the planes circling out to sea and the noise is not too overpowering - in fact after living here for 24 years, it is definitely a comforting noise.  You may have noticed the tracker has gone up recently several times - the brief was if I do more steps than usual and one two occasions recently my pedometer has gone over 10000 steps ( I used to do 7 - 8000 when I worked) so I have accredited the tracker with this extra distance.  Clearly I am much more active now that I am retired - although that seems somewhat confusing.  I also read recently about how stress at work can cause weight gain - I am hoping, therefore that the lack of stress can help you to lose it!

The next step this afternoon was then to finish the embroidery that I mentioned yesterday.  Tonight's sewing class requires that I stop adding extras but this type of embroidery is never completely finished - you can always add something.  Every Tuesday I go to the quilting class - its a two hour me time with lovely company , good tuition and inspirational quilts - all for £4 a time.  The tutor has opened up her home and invites people into her refurbished lounge most days and Tuesday evenings - she has a very understanding husband!

Finally another plea for "Challenge Lynda" ideas.  I have changed the settings so that anyone can comment - not just those with a  google account.  So far I have 46 ideas - many of which are, as you may expect, craft related but need 52 to make it one per week.  Since this is already week 2 I need to achieve 2 this week to catch up so have chosen two postpals to send some adorable cards to and will complete a drive through McDonalds at the weekend.  But please - another 6 would be great - and then I will publish all 52!!


  1. Loving the look of the dresser, and what a brave colour choice. I am too scared to use anything other than neutrals such as white or cream! What lovely countryside you have round about, must make going for walks a very pleasant thought. So pleased you have found a couple of post pals. It's quite hard choosing isn't it!
    As for challenges...how about coming up with an innovative scone recipe. I love scones, sweet or savoury, be fun to see what you come up with. Rules are....you must experiment for real and get some friends to rate them (may not be ideal for SW meets but maybe your quilting group?)

    1. Loving the scone idea - have added it to the list. I have also added the colour theme idea - I am going to bruges for the day so will collect items on the ferry and in bruges with red in them and photograph a display.

  2. Another very productive day I would say! I really do like the dresser, I. Think it was an inspired idea to paint it, really brought it back to life. Well done on the walk, the weather looked kind to you as well. We went to a great family for a meal yesterday evening, three delightful children, all on their best behaviour, it was a very interesting evening. Xxx

  3. I have given some thought about your plea for some challenges!! How about walking a Marathon! I know I know!!! Ridiculous I can hear you say, but my thinking is keep this challenge until towards the end of the year when you will be so fit that it will be a doddle, I don't mean do it all in one go, but 26 miles over the course of a week.. X

  4. Just three more ideas needed now - come on folks - you can do it!

  5. Finish off some UFO's.....please don't tell you me don't have ANY!!
    Submit a photo of your local area to the website of your local parish council
    Design and make a cake for a 50th birthday

  6. Just been reading that another blogger has been using Annie Sloan Chalk paint this week! She is interested in other peoples experiences using it