Wednesday, 31 May 2017

"My old man said follow the van, and don't dilly dally along the way"

Well, the furniture has left Devon!  I'm not sure where to, since the purchase hasn't even exchanged contracts yet but it will be somewhere safe.  Meanwhile Mum, Dad, Graham and Janet have worked all day and Mum says that her house is now gleaming and she would buy it all over again! Shame that her buyer s coming around tonight to learn how to deal with the boiler etc!!  Keys will be handed over tomorrow lunchtime and then they will say goodbye to Devon and move onto the next chapter in their lives (that's code for tomorrow's blog being a big tidy up!!).

Meanwhile I made an emergency dash to Tesco's today.  Not for a loaf of bread etc but because I moved the step ladders yesterday - forgetting hat my iphone was on the top step -oops - one broken screen to be replaced (ouch!).  Whilst I was in Grimsby I also popped into Dunelm.  They have a sale on and I wanted some nets for the She Cave.

It's been a lovely day here and so, after a beach dog walk (where Maisie, once again, showed Daisy how to find water to paddle in!), I spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden - painting the floor of the She Cave several more times, weeding the gravel (the one with the weed mat underneath that the weds literally laugh at), mowing the lawn and potting up some plants.  Every time that I drive to Grimsby (and, incidentally Mum's new house) I pass someone advertising some plants for sale.  Today I stopped and bought some really nice ones.  She invited me to turn round in her yard - which was full of chickens and peacocks roaming freely - it was a lovely rural sight!

However, back to the She Cave - I think (fingers crossed etc) that I have finished painting the inside and can now lay the carpet down and move a few bits of furniture in - just in time for the royal visitors.  There are a couple of inside parts of the folding doors to do, plus the outside trim - but all of that can be done outside and out of the blistering heat so I can live with that! In fact I am off now tofeed the dogs and then take the carpet outside to try it for size - fingers crossed everyone!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Little things amuse small minds - and all that!

After a lovely lie in, it was up and at them to ......... paint!  What else? However, by the end of the day, everything has had its 4 coats and I have started to cut in on the floor.  I have had an off cut of carpet from upstairs stored over the winter which should fit into the space created.  I have spent some time measuring it and trimming the sides the best i could.  I also tried to bind the raw edges with some cork duck tape - but it wasn't having any of it -so I gave up!

In-between my bouts of painting, and after some general housework (Maisie sure does drop clumps of black hair everywhere!) plus dog walk in the rain (grr),  I managed to add the binding onto a table runner that has been lurking on my "To Do" list for far too long!  One of tonight's crafting tasks will be to hand sew it into place so that I can tick the task off.

So, why the blog title?  Well, back in the 1980's I went to see, and fell in love with a musical called "Blondel".  It was written by Tim Rice and Stephen Oliver and centred around the search to find and release King Richard I and was full of humorous twists and tunes.  The fact that it starred Paul Nicholas didn't help in its appeal at all - honest!  The trouble was that it was a child of its times and there were references to people such as Margaret Thatcher.  However I bought the LP, and still have it, and tried to get the cd - resorting to recording it on one of those conversion turn tables.  Well, on Sunday, Elaine Paige talked about a revival in London and the release of the original cast CD - oh what Joy, oh what rapture -in fact its playing as I write this blog - its FAB!  As I said, little things and all that!

On the house move front, I can report that the 5 removal men have turned up and completed a mornings worth of packing and loading - coming back tomorrow morning to complete the job.  Fortunately they have left Mum and Dad with a bed and a tv for tonight!  When I spoke to Mum this morning she seemed to have lots of friends around helping them both out - they will certainly miss the friendships that they have built up over the past 26 years there!

Monday, 29 May 2017

Bank Holiday - Dobbo style!

What a treat - a cool, overcast and sometimes rainy bank holiday.  What -I hear you cry?  Well, not working anymore the fact it's a bank holiday is reduced to moaning about the change in tv viewing!  I, for one, was glad to see the temperature fall a little so that I cold get on with some jobs in the house.

First up was sorting the bedroom upstairs for Mum and Dad.  The removal men arrive tomorrow to start loading the truck - it will take up to two days they reckon.  Although completion isn't until Thursday, they should be left with an empty house Wednesday evening.  However there is a complication - not with the house sale, but with their car which needs the services of a garage and, we fear, will require a week's worth of surgery.  Consequently yesterday there were phone calls going back and forth - there is no point them having a hire car if they have to then drive the 7 hours up here, then 7 hours back to Devon to pick their car up and then the 7 hours back again  - oh and move into their new house at the same time!  Our solution is that my brother and his wife are driving down there tomorrow, staying until Thursday and then driving Mum and Dad up here (maybe stopping off overnight - who knows at this stage).  We have then found a firm to transport their car up here when it is fixed -there's always a solution to a problem I guess!  I also booked a meal out for us all on Saturday night - I think that we will need it by then!

Next up was cake making.  I like to take a treat to slimming world to share with my two partners in crime and so thought that I would try an apple and sultana cake (SW style of course).  It's more eggy than usual cakes but its not bad at all. Mind you - all this effort must be working - lost 4 lbs today - woop woop!

While we are talking healthy eating - take a look at my veg trug - haven't things grown?  I even have my very own cauliflower - well a titchy tiny one at least!  I should add, however, that the photos were taken yesterday!

Then it was onto the general housework and getting ahead of myself with the preparation for Scamblesby on Sunday.  I love my rechargeable Dyson but have decided that it doesn't like Maisie - one hoover and its blocked up again.  So it was back to the main upright Dyson!

On a different note, there were more sales overnight - thank you to everyone who has downloaded our pattern from Craftsy.  I put the price up today to cover our Paypal fees but have kept it at a very reasonable £2.99.  Why not treat yourself?  Meanwhile (and I am whispering this) I saw sight of pattern two last night from Sewing Buddy -looks FAB!!  we will betaking it to our testers on Sunday so watch this space.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Nearly there - so close , yet so far!

Well, I woke up this morning to another couple of sales - from USA and New Zealand this time!  Seriously though, the pattern will be increased in price as of tomorrow so buy now and save yourself a few pennies!  As I write this, the second pattern in the range is being developed by Sewingbuddy - ready for delivery to the testers on Sunday.  With any luck the pattern will be ready for release by the end of June!

Last night I managed to complete my Scamblesby block ( I am gutted that I can't share it with you yet - I love it!!) and so spent some time this morning copying and printing the instructions and then putting them all into envelopes - ready for distribution at the beginning of July.  I really can't wait to see their faces!

After church, and a healthy salad for lunch, it was back out into the She Cave for more painting.  I am at the point where one more coat tomorrow in certain places should see the walls finished and ready for the floor.  I must confess to having an ulterior motive - there is cardboard protecting the floor and I could do with it going out to the recycling on Tuesday.

The painting, plus some weeding and primrose planting, filled the afternoon and I must admit to being ready for a sit down and some handsewing this evening.  I haven't even had time to read the paper yet!

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Change the passport .......

This morning I had agreed to go and help take the money for our Church's "Big Breakfast" monthly meeting.  I have to say that they get a lot of food for their money and everyone seems to enjoy it - they even do take outs!  Sadly, however, I couldn't partake of one - there was too much oil used in the cooking!  However the company was good, even if the weather was rather stifling!

However I came home to good news - Sewlyte Designs have now sold 6 copies of our pattern (I know - its a slow burner!) - to people in both UK and USA - gosh, does that make me an international pattern designer then?  For those of you who are intending to buy a pattern, the price is being kept down until Monday morning when it will rise.  Essentially we are paying the paypal fees on the transaction and so the price rise will reflect these fees.

After a walk up at the beach (where Maisie introduced Daisy to a stream and the delights of paddling - thanks for that one Maisie), it was then back into the garden to first fit a couple of gate hooks onto the "She Cave" before commencing with the inside roof painting.  You cannot, simply cannot, imagine how delighted I am to report that the ceiling is now finished - imagine a happy dance!

Tonight should see the completion of my Scamblesby block - I hope so, in any case.  I really love it but now want it out of the way!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Leaving a legacy

We are certainly being spoiled by this beautiful weather!  I was up and about painting the "she cave" by 8:30am to take advantage of the "she cave" being in the shade at that point.  I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel - even though it might just be the size of a pin head!  The roof (the bit I hate painting the most and the hottest point in this weather) just needs one more coat - then it's "just" the windows and floor!  Oh and then the outside, then the furniture etc etc!

Whilst I was outside I tried to take some photos of the dogs on my camera (I got fed up with the quality of the phone camera and so am trying out a Sony cybershot).  I lined the three dogs up and told them to sit - Maisie and Millie were perfect - Daisy had other ideas and photo bombed the picture!

Mind you I did manage to get Daisy "leaping" as she runs which I am quite pleased with - but I clearly need more practise.

Next on the agenda was a trip into Grimsby - my expandable hose drenched me last night as it disintegrated before my eyes.  My lovely veg need their water in this weather -just look at how much they have grown so far! Whilst I was in the Range I also picked up a couple of photo frames - Trisha and Julia bought me a couple of lovely post cards from Bath last year to go in my "She Cave" when the time comes!

Once home, and yes I am coming to the point of the blog title, a former student and colleague posted that she just has one assessment and then she will be a qualified teacher.  She was the kind of pupil who was a ditsy blonde and you tore your hair out with but made an excellent TA and you could see that she would be an excellent teacher (her judgements so far have all been outstanding).  You can see our dialogue below.

Lynda Dobson Hardly a surprise to anyone that knows you Lou - go and get them girl, you are a smashing teacher already!
Reply20 mins
Louise Avis I think it's because I've been guided by such great people since a young age. 😉😀 xxxx
Reply18 mins
18 mins
Lynda Dobson just promise to perpetuate Tweedledee and tweedledum - let another generation suffer!
Reply18 mins
Louise Avis Yes! I actually did this with my class the other day when we did poetry and limericks! 😂 😂 😂. Keep the legacy going!
Reply17 mins
Lynda Dobson woop woop - thats my gal!
Reply16 mins

I should explain that the "Tweedledee and Tweedledum " we both refer to was a rhyme to help the pupils remember the formulas for the circumference and area of a circle.  I used to make the pupils stand up and shot it out so loud that my dogs could hear it (You could see my house from the classroom).  Years later adults would repeat it to me - it had certainly stuck!  The rhyme went:-

Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Around the circle is pi times D
But if the area is declared
Then think of the formula pi r squared

Judging by her response, my legacy will live on through Louise - and that's why many of us go into teaching!

Once the temperature had dropped a little, the dogs and I went up to the beach to stretch our legs before I hit the garden with my trowel in hand.  A local business throws out their old plants and buys new - so I have this bag of primroses to plant - they should make a nice display next year!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

The time has come!

After what has been billed as the hottest day of the year so far (25 degrees according to the car) I started the day painting the she cave - what else?  Mind you I was a bit canny and made a start just after 9 to take advantage of the cooler temperatures!  It is nice to have the doors wide open - but it is still baking hot up in the roof area!

Once in, and after observing the one minute silence remembering the victims of Manchester, I set to adapting the pattern for The Ultimate Sewing Project Bag.  Feedback seemed to suggest that I was on the right lines but it just needed a little tweak here and there - not least enlarging the photos so that they can actually be seen!  Eventually, I was able to save it as a pdf - ready to load onto Craftsy.  So - what is this "invention"?  For those sewers out there, I am sure that I am not the only one - you go to a workshop with carefully cut out pieces of fabric - all stuffed into a plastic bag.  then again you have to remember the right thread, the right feet etc.  Worse still, you go to a retreat and you have several projects on the go - again all in plastic bags.  This pattern makes bags for such a situation - and comes with a mini version attached for your notions and a name holder for the project details. The pattern testers - thank you, you know who you are - have said that they are just starting to think of more uses for this bag - book bags for primary school pupils being the one most voiced.  I have listed it onto Craftsy for a minimal price of £2.50 until the end of this weekend - it only seems fair that those of you who have put up with my rambling should get some reward!  However the price will increase on Monday - so get in quick!  You can find the pattern here!

Apart from this excitement, I also attended a WI committee meeting this afternoon- sat in the garden - life is tough now isn't it?  Right - off to mow the lawn!!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hi everyone - It's Maisie here .....

Well, I heard that the other dogs had written a post so thought that I would join in!

Born and bred in Devon, this is all very confusing.  For the past few weeks Mum and Dad have been packing up boxes and filling rooms with them - they tell me that we are moving to Lincolnshire but I have no idea what that means!  Auntie Lynda tells me that Mum and Dad have exchanged contracts and will be up here next friday - not too long to suffer I guess then!

Down in Devon I have Mum and Dad wrapped around my little finger - so it should come as no surprise that I refused to sleep in the kitchen with Daisy and Millie.  Instead I have set up shop in the lounge - that way I can see everyone who passes by, bark at them and then be the first one to the door.  I thought that Lynda looked quite tired yesterday so I gave her a lie in - I shouldn't have bothered - that brat "cute puppy" Daisy started whining at 6am!  I ask you!!!

After Mum had come back from the vets (Daisy was having her kennel cough injection, apparently), she opened the conservatory doors and started to paint the she cave.  Right, I thought, time to take charge of the situation.  I appointed Daisy as my sergeant and we moved swiftly around the boundaries checking for intruder - Millie, as you can see, was just not bothered!

I then popped inside (it was 11am - coffee time at home) and came back to find Sergeant Daisy just not taking this situation seriously at all!  It is going to be a long 9 days!

In the end I put her on veg guard duty - might as well play to her strengths.

It has been a hot day but I did enjoy my run up at the beach - it's always good to shake off those cobwebs ( Dad - I swam in the water and rolled - just like you told me to he he!).  I was not upset, however, to find that Auntie Lynda was planning to go swimming ( she only did 60 widths - 0.72km - not feeling it apparently!) - one has to sleep that much exercise off now doesn't one?

Tonight, she tells me, Auntie Lynda is off with Auntie Wendy to watch RSC live - what does that stand for? Royal Shaggy Cats perhaps?  Ah well, I am at my post in the lounge - guarding as usual!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

An ode to Tamworth Service Station

Before I start this blog, I just want to pay my respects to all of those affected by the attack on Manchester Arena last night.  As a former resident of Greater Manchester, and as someone who has attended a Peter Kay appearance at the same arena, I feel personally attacked by this incident - and my thoughts and prayers go out to all involved.  I am not, however, surprised by the huge community effort that then swung into action.  As someone said, there is far more good in this world than bad and we should hold on to that with a tight grip.  I pray that all parents and children are reunited and that the injured recover well.

My day was, thankfully, less traumatic but one that starts the final few days of Mum and Dad's move north.  Leaving at nearly 7am, I drove down to Hopwood Services to meet up with them and collect their dog, Maisie.  The removal vans are due to turn up next Tuesday and start loading up - the process will be so much easier without having to worry about where Maisie is all the time.  Given that they may not be able to move in to their new house straight away, it also gave them an opportunity to load my car down with more vital "stuff" (mainly dog food and paraphernalia as far as I can tell - although there was a lovely hanging planter!)  As we finished catching up and having an early lunch, a police car went past with flashing lights and then the alarm started in the service station.  Let's just say that the evacuation was orderly but we couldn't help but think about last night in Manchester!  I have no idea why we were evacuated - possibly just burnt toast! - but the staff were going back in by the time we left.

I then decided to stop off at Tamworth Services to use their facilities IYKWIM!  Tamworth Services has been the stop of my choice every time I went down to visit Mum and Dad in Devon and, as I admired their newly furbished toilets, it came to me that, for the past 26 years, I have stopped here at least 6 times a year, walked 4 different dogs, seen shops come and go, conversed with many a hungover youngster on New Year's Day and drank gallons of Costa Coffee - the highpoint being when I realised that my AA card would give me 20% off my coffee and 10% off my M & S shopping.  It is only a small station but it's a friendly one and I would hate to think that I will never use its facilities again.  In the words of Franki Valli and the Four Seasons:-

I'll be strong
I'll try to carry on
Although you know it won't be easy when you're gone
I'll always think of you
The tender love we knew
But somehow I'll get through
So don't you worry 'bout me

On a totally different note I will refrain from giving a review about last night's musical.  What I will say is that my friend was traumatised - why?  Maybe it was a religious conversion?  Was it Judas hanging himself or Christ being crucified?  Nope - it was the shrieking that was supposed to pass as singing -I will say no more!

Monday, 22 May 2017

Well - it had to happen sometime!

Today started well - it is a Monday so its the Textile group.  We were trying to free machine over a traced drawing of some cartoon like sheep.  I thought that some people may feel more confident following a pattern but, sadly, the session finished with at least one person still trying to master the skill.  Once the stitching had been completed then the features had to be coloured in with a fabric pen - this was my opportunity to go over any missed stitches and make the final product more acceptable!  It now needs some bead work, some sequins and a decision about what to make with it!

Home, and the baking of some SW goodies for tomorrow, it was then off out for our SW weigh in.  Truthfully I was expecting a gain as I had enjoyed my workshop cakes just a tad too much - but the 1/2 lb on was okay - I knew where it had come from and had clearly been okay for the rest of he week to keep the gain to  a minimum!  Apart from an ice cream tonight at the theatre, everything is now back on track and ready for next week!

The theatre I hear you say? Cultured - I know!  Well, its the local am-dram production of Jesus Christ Superstar so at least I can sing along!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

A missing blog ......

You may have noticed that there was no blog yesterday?  Well, that was for a very good reason!  I had spent all day at a workshop that I had been looking forward to or some time - making something that I intended as a Christmas present.  I could hardly waffle on without saying what I was making now could I?  However  can report that I am delighted with the outcome and have received some encouraging comments so lets hope that the recipient is equally pleased!

Today was a Scamblesby day and I took a couple of projects to do - the binding on my Tuesday night class project was quickly sewn on by machine , ready for some handsewing tonight.  However the main event was a scrap buster bag.  Interestingly I first made this bag several years ago and remembered it as being far more difficult that it felt today - maybe it's all this practise!

Pat was finishing one of the Scamblesby blocks and then put them all together.  It was lovely to see our project taking shape - withe the promise of more to come!

Tonight its binding sewing, bag finishing and then, just maybe, an early night!  The next few days promises to be full on without time to breathe!

On a totally different matter, my pattern testers have now reported back and I hope to make the changes they have suggested and then publish the pattern by the end of the week - I will keep you posted!

Friday, 19 May 2017

If only i had brains!

Although I am delighted with the new PC, it sadly doesn't want to talk to my printer.  Oh it would print okay but then kept telling me that I was low on ink - but wouldn't tell me which cartridge (of the 4) needed replacing.  When I finally figured that out, it then wouldn't print properly but the troubleshooter said that everything was okay - help!!   So, never one to miss a shopping opportunity - off I went to PC world and bought myself a printer.  Not only did it print and copy, but it printed double sided and scanned - result!

Once home it would be an easy job to install - right?  I followed the instructions and everything went smoothly at first - until this message started to appear - attention required.  I tried everything I could think of but this printer was just not printing.  It said that it was installed okay but everytime I tried to print something the same message kept coming up - I was at the end of my tether! Ah well (and this is well over an hour later!) there was nothing for it but to unplug and start again.  Paper - check, paper loaded - check - Ink cartridges - check.  Oops - the colour cartridge still had its plastic seal on.  Miraculously removing this made the printer burst into life - who knew?

I also, and this is for the first time ever, managed to print something from my ipad - I don't know how useful this facility is but it's there at least.

Being an HP printer they also offered the HP instant Ink facility.  Although my first 6 months is free, apparently they will send new cartridges out when I start to run low so that I never run out.  At a price of £3.49 per month it sounded reasonable but we will see.

Otherwise its been a quiet day again - working on my scamblesby block and general housework tasks.  Tonight its another night out - the book club meets again!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

The horrors of masking tape.

We were blessed with a lovely sunny day today (but with the promise of more rain tomorrow) so I decided to get outside and do some more painting.  As you can see Daisy and Millie were as much help as ever - although they have now started to venture inside the "she cave" to lie down (they seemed a little scared of it at first).  Painting was slow - due mainly to the wretched masking tape - why did i buy something with so many windows?  Still once they are all done, then the four coats of paint should go on a little more quickly!  It just feels like slow going at the moment.

For a rest change I planted out some planters before getting back to the painting and then inside for lunch.  I will admit to having the munchies today - don't know why but it doesn't help that i am out tonight at the WI supper club.  We have pre-ordered the food so I know that I am having a sw friendly meal but it doesn't stop me picking!  However everything has been written down and I am still within my allowance so it's not too bad  -although I already suspect that this is going to be one of those low weight loss weeks!

After 40 winks ( Daisy is sooo cute - she jumps up and lies on me and falls asleep when i say sleepies - who say's that she is not trained?) and a lovely dog walk in the sunshine with an arial display at the bombing range (the dogs totally ignore them although the planes did fly really low at one point), it was then back to my mystery block.  I am really enjoying this design challenge and am pleased with the way it is turning out.  It is also giving me an excuse to use some of this beautiful fabric that i bought on Tuesday - mmmmmmmmm.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

It's Wednesday so it must be .............dusting and hoovering.

So, that's it - a full week of weekly tasks.  with a daily "Square up", today's cleaning went far more quickly than usual and the house is feeling all the better for it.  I just have to work some monthly tasks into the schedule and I will have cracked it!

Today was one of those "nothing scheduled " kind of days and I had a long list of tasks that I could get on top of - starting with painting the she cave.  Sadly the weather had a different point of view!  I heard recently that we needed two months of rain - I reckon that we have had most of it today!  Seriously it has just never stopped!!!  Instead I took the opportunity to pop into Louth and buy some more paint plus some groceries from Aldi - I couldn't believe how many people that I knew in the store!

Once home, and after the cleaning task, I will admit to falling asleep on the sofa after lunch, before making a start on my own Scamblesby block.  I am due to release my design in July so need to get started - I have an idea but need to make it first to check that it will work!!  Sorry - can't share any more info here - too many Scamblesby friends read this blog!

Looking back, this has hardly been the most productive day - just like the weather it's been a bit of a downer!  Tomorrow's forecast suggests a sunnier day - let's hope that the forecast is right!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

How apt - Tuesday is my designated craft room day!

Today is my day to tidy and sweep the craft room - how apt, therefore, that I spent the day at Spindle Cottage Workshops learning a new craft skill - Japanese Folded Patchwork.  The basic concept is easy to follow but the variations were blowing our minds.

There were 7 students (of which we numbered 5 so rather took over the place) and the tutor, Liz Hands, remarked that we had been the most adventurous group - that's us!!

my effort!

Terry's version

In the end we came home with 9 blocks ready to hand sew and then to attach together.  I'm not sure what I will make with them but I have already ordered the book to develop these ideas further!

Also, oops, I signed up to a monthly class - one day a month starting in September - did I REALLY need another project?  In my defence this project entails a lot of embroidery - lush!!

Monday, 15 May 2017

If it's Monday then it must be ...... emptying the bins.

Are you fed up of this yet?  Our local day for bin collecting is a Tuesday - one week normal and one week recycling - so it made sense to have today's weekly task as bin emptying so that the large ones are ready to put out.  Mind you I also tidied around the utility room and cleaned out the fire place n the lounge so I have not been to lazy!

This morning was the Textile Group -our project for the next couple of weeks is to draw a doodle picture with the free machine foot.  Since Linda didn't have a machine with her, I lent her mine and then spent the time helping her to finish two UFO's from previous group meetings - there was a good feeling of accomplishment and Linda got a round of applause for finishing!

This afternoon was the dreaded weigh in.  After my efforts this week (I am still amazed at how good I am being!!!!!!) I was pleased to see the scales shift downwards by 2 1/2 pounds.  We could always wish for more but I am now only 1 1/2lbs  away from the 2 stone mark.  So close, yet so far away!   I wouldn't mind but I am out three times this week - tomorrow will need a pack up but then Thursday and Friday I am out at different pubs.  More careful choices me thinks!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

If its Sunday then it must be out the fridge and tidying the store cupboard.

Well - someone has to !!

Today was a sewing workshop in Lincoln - as I said yesterday, this was a much wanted workshop on sewing hardanger embroidery -although we are only at the beginners stage.  Next time we will be cutting holes in the fabric!!

My aim was to complete this small square:-

and I managed this:-

not too much to do - I left 30 mins early to avoid traffic from the county show.

As Sewingbuddy indicated in her comments yesterday. the real danger of today was the food - they do lovely cakes, lunches and puds - everything is included in the price of the workshop.  I could have refused it of course - but didn't.  Instead the lovely lady sent me home with my cake and pud - ready for an after weigh in treat tomorrow (its a small plate - the pieces are tiny!!)  Lunch was a little more tricky so I ended up with salmon and dill quiche (I took the pastry off and have sinned the double cream that I suspect was in it), salad leaves (the other salads had dressings and non sw things like dates in them) and new potatoes which, fortunately, had no butter on them - phew!

So, I am now home and ready to get going with my weekly cleaning task whilst my tea of pork and veg is cooking before ending the day finishing the embroidery and continuing with my Lynette Anderson work -ah the life!

Saturday, 13 May 2017

It's Saturday so it must be bed changing day!

Clearly I would change the bedding anyway (although I have taken the opportunity to change into my new 4tog feather duvet from IKEA - let's hope that the night time temperature doesn't drop too much!!) but my journal has allocated today to change the bedding and then tidy the bedside table and dressing table.  I am finding that doing little and often is better than an all out attack!

Today is a little more overcast than previous days - just right to resume the painting of the she cave.  BIG MISTAKE!!  Reaching above my head to paint the roof has resulted in some aching muscles!  However I persevered - until the paint ran out!  Ah well!  I would like to say that I am nearly there but no such luck!

After the obligatory dog walk (which then resulted in two floppy tired out pooches), a quick local shop for provisions ( I am having a slimming world meal tonight - 5 spice pork - which smells wonderful but a tad different!) and the afore mentioned bed change I ventured upstairs to the guest bedroom ........ to make up the bed!  As each day passes it is looking increasingly likely that Mum and Dad will have to spend a few days / weeks here in between moving out of one house and into the next so I am starting to get the room ready.  My only complaint is that they favour two sheets and blankets - it's days like today that I really appreciate the ease of duvets!

After some more weeding of the gravel area, mowing the lawn (did I mention my super duper new mower?) it was then time to make some mini victoria sandwiches to take round to the church hall - they are having an afternoon tea tomorrow.  Sadly I will miss it (although that may be a wise move dieting wise) due to a sewing workshop in Lincoln.  I have always wanted to learn how to sew hardanger embroidery - in fact, if I had a bucket list then it would be on it - and am therefore looking forward to starting the challenge tomorrow.

Friday, 12 May 2017

It's friday ........ so it must be mopping floors day!

Or so my bullet journal says!  That, plus wiping down the kitchen doors and door frame (Daisy leaves such muddy marks when she jumps up at the door!) is making a real difference.

Having tidied around it was then time to set to with some crafting - I have been remiss of late.  The first task was to finish the quilting of my Tuesday night project.  It is now ready to be trimmed and bound.

Whilst I had my walking foot on, I then finished the quilting on a table runner.  This has been folded up in a corner after I ran out of thread at Scamblesby in the middle of a row so it felt really good to get this sorted.  The next step is to sort all the loose ends, trim and then bind.  I have now put my workshop machine in the conservatory and so can enjoy the nice weather (its cloudy here but not too cold) and the dogs can come and go as they please in the garden.

Of course, being in one room for some time you then start to see all the jobs that need doing. So the conservatory has now been tidied and hoovered, the ironing board set up and the ironing completed and put away.

After walking the dogs (which took me past the 300 miles mark on my 1000 miles in 2017 mark - wey hey) I then spent some time in the garden weeding the weeds which have come through my weed barrier - grrr - before heading off for my swim ( a record 120 widths!!! which equals 1.44km!!)

All in all this has been a fun day where lots of jobs have been completed and targets met - even the scales are joining in the fun - they have dropped slightly!!  Even the swimming, which could sound quite dull going back and forth, was great since I caught up with a number of friends who also go at that time.  This evening I plan to curl up with my Lynette Anderson applique and my usual treat - a 15g bar of Green and Black's chocolate - whilst watching the Masterchef final - my vote goes to Steve for what it is worth.  Hope that this is not the kiss of death for him.