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Monday, 1 June 2015

The longest journey starts with a single step.

So June the first dawned bright over Lincolnshire - and I woke up at 6am to the sun streaming in.  After laying there for a few minutes I decided just to get up and get going on the planned 5k walk.  If I am to achieve 365km extra over the next year then I need to average 1km per day = 7km per week.  The way that I look at it if I can store in some extra km whilst the weather is nice then it may compensate for wintertime. 

So 6:45am saw me - the only car in the car park I might add - setting out for the planned 5k walk (its actually 5.2km - I might need those extra 200m later on!) along with the two dogs - Katie and Millie. I wasn't so sure how Katie would take to it - she's 14 years old in July - and I fully expected her to just stop and refuse to move.  However, like a trooper, she kept on going and it was Millie (9 in July) who was the first to just stop!

We made it back to the car in a less than respectable time of 1 hour 40mins but this is a target that can be improved on.  The ground was very uneven in parts and the grass, at times, was too long for the dogs - but we made it for the less than glamorous selfie!

At home I cooked a bacon, egg, mushrooms and baked beans breakfast and enjoyed it out in the garden under the sunshine (truthfully I wore a jumper as well but it was nice to feel so shattered / relaxed!), before nipping into the sewing room and finishing a quilt block that I am doing for charity - everyone in our group is doing a 14 inch block and quilting it and then the blocks are put together and sent off.

Next on the agenda was a trip to The Willows Garden Centre for a spot of lunch with my friend Jean and a mooch around the shops there - how comes there is so much that you didn't know that you just NEEDED!  As I treat I bought a little chicken to hang from my dresser - to mark the day you understand.  I am pleased to report that I had a very healthy jacket potato for lunch although did succumb to a cake in a different garden centre for afters. However the cake was not fantastic so I left half of it - yes you did read correctly - I left half a cake!

Arriving home around 4pm all that is left to do is to tidy around and then settle down for some sewing.  When I left my students bought me some lovely Tilda fabric and a sewing book so I think that I will start a project that could then reside in the conservatory.  All in all what could have been a difficult day has been an extremely enjoyable one and one to be proud of in many ways.


  1. Fantastic! So pleased you had a good day and that the weather was kind to you. It will be interesting to see if Millie hides tomorrow morning when you get ready to go out! Xx

    1. That would imply a brain to remember! I think not!

  2. Sounds like another productive day! I hate wasting food/money...however...I am at the point where I can now look at something ( such as the cake mentioned) and see it as nothing more than a waste of leave it on the plate! Of course not everything comes into that category and just has to be eaten!