Friday, 27 January 2017

Fighting with a quilt

Today was a lovely day in - what a luxury!! I am going out tonight to the book club meting but, apart from tickling the cushions etc, today was a day that I could focus on finishing this wall hanging.  First up was a stash raid which resulted in enough fabric for a backing and some for a border.  Truthfully there's a little more patching going on than I would like but, hey, wasn't that the original idea of patchwork?  By the time it's all made up it will be fine.

Then it was time to stitch two large pieces of wadding together to get the right width, before layering up the 3 layers, using spray adhesive to help the smoothing process before attaching some quilting pins in strategic places.  I have to say that, at this stage, I walked away and took the dogs up to the beach - coming back red raw but with the energy and focus to carry on - sometimes you have just got to have a break!

Then it was wrestling time to quilt the layers.  I went for the simple option of quilting the picture blocks and the outside border.  My plan is to attach the binding and then, before stitching the hanging sleeve down, complete some hand quilting around the border (and maybe between the squares if I feel it needs it).  Finally I have some buttons to add - all before the end of Tuesday 31st January!  I think (and I am whispering now) I might just make it!!

However the really big news happened last night.  I had a late appointment with the nurse and, wait for it, she has decided that I don't need any dressings anymore!  She has advised me to keep some "yellow" line on for a while but to let the air get to it etc!  I had already booked an appointment on Monday morning , which we are keeping just to make a final check on it, but then I don't have to go back anymore unless it gets worse!  Yippee!!!!!


  1. Good to hear your legs on the mend at last!
    And quiltvlooking good- keep going.

  2. Yaaay! That's been a marathon and a half! Keep at it with the quilt, it will be lovely when its finally finished :)