Sunday, 15 January 2017

Going stir crazy

I must be feeling better - it will be good to get out of the house tomorrow!

Confined to barracks, and enjoying the novelty of washing up (that wont last), I pottered around the kitchen before settling down to listen to The Archers whilst doing some sewing.  Project one was a Christmas present (or rather the preparation for a present) whilst project 2 was some applique and marking up for a splendid sampler block. 

Project 3 was the embroidery needed to complete the front of last week's mug rug.  Tomorrow, at the Textile Group, we are planning on doing some free motion quilting and so I wanted to get the front sorted and the backing / wadding cut to size.

Next up was to clear out the fire place and lay the fire.  I don't know about you but its rather cold and damp here and so an afternoon in front of the fire was the order of the day - well, all of that hand sewing needs to be done now doesn't it?  After some intermittent power breaks, I settled down to watch Bobby 66 on Amazon - a documentary film about Bobby Moore.  I can really recommend it - although you will need tissues at the end!

Talking about hand sewing - I set to last night and have made good progress on Terry's block - for the second time grrr!  Still, it would have annoyed me to leave it with that thread damage so I feel better for making the effort.  Sometimes it's just better to take a deep breath and right the wrong!  Now - that's not a bad metaphor for life now is it?

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  1. Damp and cold indeed, well done on all the projects!