Friday, 20 January 2017

Another day, another meal out!

So - last night the WI went out for a meal - and what an enjoyable meal it was.  We were served by someone that I knew I recognised but couldn't place - until I learnt her name today!  It was an ex student - but she looked mid 30's or older - oops!  How old do I feel?

This morning I was up early and hit Tesco's before going on to the car wash.  That was a waste of time really - by the time I took the dogs out this afternoon it was dirty again! 

Yesterday Happymum posed the question - apart from carrots and courgette, what else could be spiralised?  Well I bought this butternut squash " spaghetti" today - oh and this butternut squash "pasta" - what ever next?  I have even bought some cauliflower rice to make a mushroom "risotto" with.  I know that I can make my own but they were on offer so I thought that I would try them first.

Then it was onto the hairdressers before returning to the garden centre to buy myself a second daffodil bird feeder (well they do look nice), some seeds and some pots & soil to plant them in.  I have watched the video telling me how to construct the "vegtrug" and how to plant it all out.  Now I just need to be patient and wait for the weather to warm up a little.

Mind you I can't complain - when I took the dogs out the sun was shining brightly.  It was a lovely walk and made all the better for the radio show I was listening to Kris Akabusi who was truly inspirational as he talked about his childhood, the abuse he received and how he has dealt with it as an adult - check it out on iplayer (one hour in).  Millie and Daisy were also exceptionally well behaved (not something I can usually say about them!).  We spotted someone and his dog in the distance and a digger appearing to be coming towards us.  I called them and both dogs came straight back and stayed with me, waiting to be told that we could get going again.  I was gobsmacked!

When we got home, it was feet up, a cup of coffee and a catch up on the tv from last night.  Daisy appeared to be watching tv but then Millie gave up and curled up on the footstool in the sun - something that she has never ever done before in her 10 years of life!

Tonight, as the title suggests , I am out again - this time at our local pub.  It's a friend's birthday today so we are going out to celebrate - and try our luck at the quiz.  Let's hope that it goes better than usual!

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  1. Butternut squash! Of course! I have one in the house as well!
    As for the pooches, sounds like they have turned over a new leaf hee hee!