Monday, 16 January 2017

It feels like christmas all over again

Wow - that was a shock!  The alarm went off at 6:30am - I can dimly recall such a time when I worked but REALLY?  The cause was an early (well 8:45am) appointment at the doctors for my leg, followed by the craft group but it was still a shock to the system!

At the craft group we had planned to finish the mug rug started last week but getting to grips with free machine quilting took its toll and no one has finished.  I got the furthest and just have to over sew the binding.

When I got home the dogs had a lovely surprise for me - one large box of eggs all smashed on the floor!!!  Aren't they just the cutest dogs ever to think of me?  They even allowed themselves to be shut away whilst I mopped the floor - how considerate!  Suffice to say -I wasn't pleased!

However, moments later thankfully - the postman appeared with some goodies!!  First there was a replacement jigsaw - you may recall that I finished this jigsaw with three pieces missing.

Then an envelope from M & S revealed a £10 voucher to use towards sleepwear and slippers.

Then my order of ink for my printer arrived - I have been waiting for this.

Closely followed by some half price Gutterman threads from Hobbycraft.  I was having a ball!

I am feeling better today so braved the inclement weather to walk the dogs at the beach.  To say that it was wet and raw would be an understatement!  So, it was home to heating on, feet up and relaxation!  Ooh - what's that I hear - no surprise there then!!

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