Monday, 11 April 2016

Back to school .......

Let's start with last night - I actually completed the embroidery of the apron - well the names that is!  So that means that  I have a breast cancer embroidery and "Bring me sunshine" on the front of the apron and the names of my family on the back.  The last and final piece is one the pocket (now is the time to look away if you have a delicate nature!)  I should add that F.A.R.T. stands for Fabric Acquisition Road Trip and that the words are the second line of the song that we always play when we go across the Humber Bridge - long story, don't fret.  I would have used the first line but Sewingbuddy "baggsied" that one! 

Onto today and its the return of the Monday afternoon craft group.  Having mislaid the schedule in the craft room move, I thought that we were making a thread catcher which collapses for travel and turned up with cardboard, pringles tube and plastic.  Sadly the schedule said something else but we battled through and everyone finished their catchers - a record!  Carine brought her two children since it was a training day and they behaved impeccably.  Ami wanted to make her own - with mums help, whilst Ben decided late on that he wanted one so I helped him.  I think we avoided WW3 by making sure they both had one to take home!  I chose blue for mine - what a surprise!

I also took the opportunity of large tables to lay out my splendid sampler blocks to make sure that they will all start to go together.  There is one to be redone, a couple of embroidered ones to complete and some bonus blocks to complete - but it's coming on.  We are not far away from completing 20% of the original blocks.

Tonight I clearly have the pocket to embroider but I would also like to finish tracing my Lynette Anderson block one so that I can start with the embroidery and applique.  Month 3 arrived last week so I am a tad behind!

Diet coke gate - am missing it but none has touched my lips today!


  1. Well done on the cold turkey! Well done to Ben and Ami too!

  2. Another busy day!! Well done on the improvisation, I bet the kids loved their creations!!! Xxxxx

  3. Oh man good for you for staying away from the soda. Bread in all forms is what I am trying to stay away from I did have a biscuit at lunch not sure what the British word for it is they are made of fat, flour, baking powder and a liquid rolled out then cut with a jar or cutter and baked.