Sunday, 29 January 2017

The day after the night before

Well, Wendy picked me up yesterday around 1pm and drove me to Nottingham (do you know how lovely it is to be chauffeur driven with seats that warm your bottom?).  We parked outside one of Wendy's friends house and Julie provided us with a lovely warm lounge, a much needed cuppa and lots of lovely chatting, before her husband kindly drove us into the centre of Nottingham.  We had decided to go to Pizza Hut for tea where Wendy could have a gluten free pizza and I ordered mac n cheese with a side order of ham and some sweetcorn and bacon bits from the salad bar.  A strange combination but utterly lovely.  Then we planned to walk to the arena but, as we passed a taxi rank, we hopped into the hackney cab.  Well, it only cost us £3.80 and the rain was beginning to drizzle - ish!

That meant that we arrived at the arena before it opened and were some of the first to arrive - only to find that I had done it again - the tickets were front row with a fabulous view!  The show was excellent - you wouldn't think that Donny is nearly 60 the way he moved around the stage - he even joked about singing "puppy Love" when he was 100 and trying to keep his teeth in place!  However the highlight of the show, for me, was when he did his "purple card" section - around 15 minutes where the audience could ask him anything and had written the question on purple cards.  One girl had said that she had Asperger's and hated crowds but wanted to see him ever since she had watched Donny on a Joseph dvd.  Her question was "what was it like to wear the coat of many colours".  Donny invited the 14 year old onto the stage, invited her to wear the actual coat and then sang a song from Joseph with her.  This shy, gawky teenager literally brought tears to your eyes.

The other highlight for me was when Donny was singing Moonriver - with a large video screen showing footage of him as a 5 year old singing with Andy Williams.  There was something about the 54 years age gap between the two images of Donny that was very touching.

We arrived home safely at 12:45, thanks to Wendy's driving, and I fell into my bed tired but happy.  Of course that meant a late get up this morning and that tired fog that surrounds a late night.  However I have managed a little bit of sewing and some baking.  On the way home Wendy talked about her parents coming over and how she was going to make an Apple and Cheese cake - not a cheese cake mind you but an actual sponge with grated cheese and cubes of apple.  Well, I just had to try that one out!  It sounded strange but, in truth, it is very nice!  After all apple and cheese goes together normally so why not in a cake?  The sponge is a nice one and you get that sweet and salty taste!  Fancy this as your birthday cake Sewingbuddy?

Otherwise there has not been much going on here.  I have managed to sew the binding onto the wall hanging and just have the hand quilting to do.  I am not sure whether it will all be finished tonight but I will do my best!  Time to get back to reality and a quiet week.


  1. Glad you had a good time.
    And yes please to the cake, sounds interesting- but I do like cheese, cake and apple- so must be alright mixed together x

  2. Mmm that cake sounds scrummy! Glad you had a good night :)