Wednesday, 13 July 2016

"Ask the doctor"

So, today - just before 8am - Jean and I set off to Lincoln hospital to see the neurologist.  The nurse took my stats - including a blood pressure that had dropped from around 163 over 85 at A & E to around 135 over 78 - a good sign me thinks.

The consultant had me looking here, there and everywhere.  His conclusion was that he didn't believe that it was brain related but thought that it was damage / inflammation to the left third nerve ( I know I didn't really understand it either but, hey, go with it.).  He has asked my GP, as a matter of urgency, to hurry up the MRI scan, to chase my Temporal Arteritis consultant (he thinks my TA is connected with the current situation and has told me to go back on 40mg of steroids) and to get an appointment with the Opthalmic department to check the eye out and the nerves.  I am left feeling quite positive about this and, although he wouldn't commit as to whether I would regain full use of the eye, a quick "google" suggests that 6 - 8 weeks would be the usual length of time that it would take.  Now I need to practise being patient!

On the way home Jean and I stopped off at Dunelm for a coffee and a scone.  Mum and Dad are hoping to come up next week - although Mum is suffering from Sciatica and I have told her not to travel - so I bought them some new bedding. Well - the new bedroom upstairs will need new bedding so they may as well try it out!

I have spent this afternoon going through my collapsing paperwork box and transferring it to a new one.  Why, oh why, do I keep things well beyond their date of usefulness?  Now I just have to shred and burn!!!  I did, however, come across some precious memories - such as this telegram.

I can't remember when telegrams were phased out but I do remember getting one being a really special thing.  This one was from my grandparents and cousins - congratulating me on passing the 11+ - erm, back in 1971!!!

Tonight's task - well there is still that shredding to do!!  I have also made a long list of the sewing activities that I want to do at Scamblesby on Saturday so could start to collate the equipment and materials.


  1. Sounds like good news then ,
    Need to be patient and take it easy.
    Love the telegram, don't shred that!
    Look forward to seeing you Saturday . X

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I won't shred the telegram - its the only one I ever had !

  2. I understand we get one from the queen when we reach a 100!
    So you may end up with 2 ?

  3. Good news on the eye front. Being patient... hmm....not easy aye.
    Wow a telegram! And from us! I had no idea and I certainly have never had one sent to me!