Thursday, 19 January 2017

Catching up with old friends

Let's start with last night and my spiraliser.  I will confess to thinking this could be another "hard to use, difficult gadget" that would be consigned to the back of a cupboard.  How wrong could I be.  One courgette later and I had more than enough "spaghetti" to make a carbonara for tea.  This is definitely something that will be used again and again - what's more it was the cheapest version - result!

Today I ventured out to the nurse for my leg ( I think another couple of visits might just do it!) and then spent some time in the craft room trying desperately to bring some order to the chaos - failed, obviously!  Just as the kettle had boiled, and I had taken some hand sewing into the lounge for a rest, an old friend popped by.  We used to work together and has just left work on Friday.  This freedom is still quite new to her but she seems to be adapting well.  As we talked, she began to talk about seeing her family, going to some sewing workshops etc, and I think the penny was dropping.  Doing what you want, when you want is very appealing when all you have known is a regimented life!

Tonight is the WI supper club.  Every other month we go out for a meal and, this month, we are going to a local pub.  At the time of choosing we obviously didn't know what the weather would be like and so wanted to make the driving easier and safer. 

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  1. I heard courgettes are in short supply! Will give ours a go over the weekend other than carrots and courgettes I wonder what else is good to use?