Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Dancing on air!

Today, being a Tuesday, you might imagine that we would be off to the usual Senior Screen but, truthfully, there was nothing on offer that we fancied.  Instead I really wanted to see La La Land so Jean and I set off for the 12:20 screening.  Of course, being over lunch, we just had to stop off for a meal break - coffee and a scone in actual fact.

The restaurant was in a garden centre and, with my veg trug yet to be assembled, we spent time looking at veg seeds (carrots, kale, broccoli, courgettes, swiss chard etc) and bought a bag of seed potatoes toshare between us.  I also spotted a trolley of cast iron daffodils that had been priced but not put out yet (they had only come in yesterday).  Back in November I bought a poppy one (they are actually bird feeders and a donation goes to charity but I think that they add permanent colour to the garden) and so thought that a daffodil would add to the collection.  Now in place I am very tempted to get a second one - I love yellow flowers anyway and have put them in an area that doesn't get much sun or water.

Mind you, it's only January but my pots of daffodils and spring bulbs are already showing through!

So - onto the film.  Is it worth the hype.  Yes, Yes, Yes - I loved it!  As the opening number finished I wanted to give it a round of applause.  It's a real old fashioned musical with nods to classics like "Singing In The Rain" and deserves all the plaudits that it is getting.  The lead actor, Ryan Gosling, is such a good piano player that I would have thought that they had used a stand in - had I not listened to an interview with Graham Norton where it appears that its all his own work.

Back home, and more mundane matters, it was time to "plant" the feeders, deal with two dogs who seem to think that they should have a chew every time I come home as their treat for being abandoned and some preparation for an evening of sewing (what else?). Pictures to follow tomorrow - honest!

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  1. Mmm that scone looked good!
    Love the floral bird feeders too!