Friday, 8 July 2016

57 days to go ......

or 4,924,800 seconds or 82,080 minutes or 1368 hours - more later!

So - back to last night and the scan.  I had a call around 7 to say that they had had a cancellation so if I wanted to I could go in earlier.  So off Jean and I went.  I filled in a questionnaire and waited - only to be told that there were different scanners within the trust and something had come up on my questionnaire that meant this scanner wouldn't work - I needed to go to Scunthorpe.  So, as I sit and write this, I am waiting to hear when that will be.  Since Scunthorpe is a round trip of around 2 1/2 hours we won't just be able to pick up an impromptu cancellation!

This morning was spent with the doctor (thank you Sue for taking me, waiting around for nearly an hour and then bringing me home)going through what has happened so far - apparently I should have been placed within a "2 week pathway" so that I can be seen more quickly - he is going to complain on my behalf but has started this process so I should start fending off appointments!  I also asked him about my holiday and whether I should drive or go by train.  He politely suggested that the train was far easier and more enjoyable - so, after consultation with a friend, I have booked the train to Milton Keynes for my Lynette Anderson workshop and she, or my other friend who is working today, will pick me up and deliver me to my Premier Inn at the end of the holiday so that I can go to the Festival Of Quilts - it's a logistical nightmare!  Now I just need to talk to my quilting friends and organise tickets for us to come home by train.

Other than that I have done a little machine sewing - row 3 has now been "sashed" - a little light housework (dishwasher and hoovering), some sorting of paperwork in the conservatory (if it's paperwork, how comes I found another bag of fabric??) and, drumroll please, walking the dogs.  Those who know me, know that Millie is a nightmare to walk - which is why I prefer to drive her up to the beach so that she can go for a run off the lead.  However they have both been brilliant so I thought that we would just go slowly down the road - not very far you understand but it's a start.  If this goes on any longer perhaps I should get one of those mobility scooters and tie Millie to the handles!  Seriously, apart from getting used to judging distances, I refuse to be an invalid - there is nothing wrong with my legs so this might even be good for me!

I should add that Millie was an angel - no pulling whatsoever.  Now Daisy?  Well that could be a whole different tale!

And the 57 days etc - its 57 days until Saturday 3rd September - which is, apparently, the launch show for this year's Strictly Come Dancing - yippee!


  1. Shame about the scan not happening, but sounds like you have a good doctor. Not having a car is nothing short of a nightmare isn't it! But you seem to be surrounded by good friends so I am sure this temporary blip will go much smoother than you might anticipate. Well done Millie for being a good girl...Daisy....a word in your ear please!

    1. The real nightmare is having the car - but not being able to drive it! I let the engine tick over yesterday since it hadn't been used for a week!

      Daisy would like it known that she was just too excited and couldn't contain herself. She would also like to tell the world that, since they got back, Millie has been in trouble for pinching the dog biscuits. Daisy feels that she was not to blame since she couldn't reach. She did, however, help me by eating some of them that fell on the floor - bless!

  2. Sorry to hear about the scan. Hope Daisy pulls less than Penny!!!!

  3. It sounds like you are on the right path for your health care system, now.
    On a whole different note you are going on holiday again you just got back is this the usual/normal for English retired women ? I am a California (USA) girl but you seem to be able to do so much more than I'd ever dream to be able to afford.

    You have my prayers and best wishes