Friday, 15 April 2016

How much is that doggie in the window?

My day started early with a giggle.  Chris Evans played "How much is that doggie in the window?" and Daisy went berserk every time she heard a dog bark - barking back at the radio and trying to find where the dog was - it was so funny - all the more so since she was supposed to be eating her breakfast and just couldn't concentrate!

Today was  my monthly hair shearing and so I took the opportunity to nip into Grimsby town centre.  One of the by products of retirement is that I spend more time in slippers and need support from some insoles - it was time to get some slippers and insoles to do the job - they are hardly trend setting but very comfortable.  Mind you for around £50 for the pair they should be!

Whilst in Grimsby I popped into Home Bargains for some puppy training pads and saw these Peanut Butter Oreos on special offer for 49p.  I didn't buy any but seemed to recall that Happymum saw these in the states and we all thought that they were an unusual flavour.

The hairdressers went well - who wouldn't enjoy two hours of peace and solitude reading a book?  I am currently reading the bookclub choice - "The Ice Twins".  Its about a pair of identical twin girls who have decided to dress identically as well.  Their parents can tell them apart by their personality but when one girl dies in a tragic accident, the remaining girl identifies her as A but then claims to be A herself and the parents begin to doubt themselves.  All very confusing and quite dark.  Its an easy read though - I am nearly halfway through already.

After the weekly shop at Tesco's, it was home via a couple of errands.  By now the rain clouds had gathered and late afternoon was drawing close.  The dogs mithered for their treat chew and the shopping was put away - all very domesticated.

Tonight I am planning to applique the very last Anni Downs block - with the aim of putting the blocks together over the weekend and attaching the thin trim.  Block one of the Lynnette Anderson BOM is going well and I will be trying to finish that block this weekend as well.  Mind you I am also hoping to get into the garden but I have heard tell of snow - yikes!!

Dietcokegate - sorry that I have not reported in but midnight tonight sees the end of the week and I can now reveal that not one drop has passed my lips!  I have used a small amount of flavoured spring water as a substitute (no aspartame - I checked) and am proud of myself.  I am not saying that I will never drink it again but I will keep going and try for a second week.


  1. Well done on dietgate!! I think I know at least one brother who would enjoy the peanut butter oreosas well as a nephew!xxxx

  2. Re the peanut butter oreos...I bought some last year and they weren't very nice! The ones I got in America were Peanut buttercup... and are yum! Sorry:(
    Am sure diet coke as a treat will be fine.