Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The yin and yang of life

Let's start with last night. No - not the football but my domestic goddess moment. Pudding was homegrown gooseberries, stewed, topped with homemade coconut Greek style yoghurt - very tasty!

Today saw the laying of the craft room floor and, therefore, the big move back in. Even I am getting fed up with every room being cluttered!  The lounge, for example, has 8 coffee tables - which go together to make my cutting table but take up a lot of space!  So what did I prioritise?  Why the dogs bed to be washed, the chair to be made up and the computer / wifi to be plugged in of course!

Ever one to meet a deadline I managed to finish making all 49 blocks ready for tonight's class - even losing one and remaking it in the process!  Next step is the quilting.  I also wrote a reference for an ex colleague - it would appear that her current employers won't write her a reference and have threatened to sack anyone that does!  Knowing her it won't be because she is unemployable! As if I wasn't busy enough, I managed to do some more weeding - the green bin is literally groaning now its so full!

This afternoon someone came round to look at my craft room window - a unit has blown. I managed to talk him into repairing part of my upstairs floor and building my sewing table - result!

So why the blog title?  Well for every up there has to be a down. You may recall that my big machine developed a fault when making the WI bag. I eventually got around to looking the error code up - turns out its electrical and needs to go into the repair shop- oops!  Talking about the WI bag - Carine took a picture of our entry into the Lincolnshire show - not bad eh?  We will find out tomorrow how we have got on.



  1. Floor looks lovely...now I know what the levelling compound was for! Shame about the machine :(

  2. floor looks good, and the w I entry .
    Hope machine is repairable?
    And not to expensive!

  3. The floor looks great!. I can sympathise with you trying to get your home back together!! Won't be long now. Well done on the sewing.xxx

    1. It's like painting the forth bridge - you get one room sorted only to start again on the next one!