Wednesday, 17 May 2017

It's Wednesday so it must be .............dusting and hoovering.

So, that's it - a full week of weekly tasks.  with a daily "Square up", today's cleaning went far more quickly than usual and the house is feeling all the better for it.  I just have to work some monthly tasks into the schedule and I will have cracked it!

Today was one of those "nothing scheduled " kind of days and I had a long list of tasks that I could get on top of - starting with painting the she cave.  Sadly the weather had a different point of view!  I heard recently that we needed two months of rain - I reckon that we have had most of it today!  Seriously it has just never stopped!!!  Instead I took the opportunity to pop into Louth and buy some more paint plus some groceries from Aldi - I couldn't believe how many people that I knew in the store!

Once home, and after the cleaning task, I will admit to falling asleep on the sofa after lunch, before making a start on my own Scamblesby block.  I am due to release my design in July so need to get started - I have an idea but need to make it first to check that it will work!!  Sorry - can't share any more info here - too many Scamblesby friends read this blog!

Looking back, this has hardly been the most productive day - just like the weather it's been a bit of a downer!  Tomorrow's forecast suggests a sunnier day - let's hope that the forecast is right!


  1. I've enjoyed hearing your daily cleaning jobs - don't ask! I do write down daily jobs but they don't always do them. I don't want Fridays to be a cleaning day. Keep going x

    1. Thank you - its working for me but then I only have me and te dogs to look after!