Wednesday, 6 December 2017

A strange old day!

I don't know about you but, when I have somewhere to go later in the day, I can tend to waste the time waiting to go out.  I don't mean sitting on the edge of the sofa clock watching - more like not settling to anything!  Today was one of those days!  Wendy and I were going to the Sewing Class Christmas party at noon - so my morning was spent flitting from one task to another!

First up was cooking some lunch for the party.  We were all asked to bring a plate of finger food so I had bought some scotch eggs and cut them up and plated them.  However I wouldn't be able to eat most of the finger food, so I cooked some stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and will take these, plus a couple of satsumas, for my own lunch - forewarned and all that!

Today's advent presents had been some festive cake toppers from Phil and Chris (useful timing - will work well with the WI Christmas food tomorrow night) and Row 6 from my row by row project.  Row 6 is an alphabet stitchery strip so I ironed it, stabilised it and then traced the alphabet ready for sewing tonight.  Last night I managed to finish the large house (Row 3 since you ask) that had stumped me when I tied this project before.  This morning I added the two strips of fabric to the top and bottom.  I should add that there are 9 rows in all so, by tonight, I will have done rows 3 - 6, leaving me with rows 1 & 2 to re-do and Rows 7 - 9.  I am getting there - albeit slowly!

Next up was some loft de-clutterring (why do I keep empty boxes "just in case"?),and then some present wrapping (Sewingbuddy - these are heading your way!),

and, finally, a quick practise of the box making that I am demonstrating tomorrow night.  It's an old trick to recycle Christmas cards and will be accompanied by the star turn - one of Carine's chocolate truffles!

With the usual housework done, fireplace cleaned out, a load of washing dried and another load started, it was time to set off, deliver Jean's birthday presents ready for tomorrow and pick up Wendy.  The party had, as a central point, a secret santa swap.  The idea was that we took a gift wrapped gift and got a raffle ticket in return.  When our number was pulled out, we could take a present off the table - but are not allowed to unwrap it!  Then the tickets are put in a second time and, when your number is pulled out, you can choose to stick or to swap and then you can take anyone's present that takes your fancy.  Then the same routine is repeated a third time - after which you are allowed to open the gift.  Truthfully, this is not my cup of tea - I picked this present first because it was wrapped in fabric - and, when I opened it, inside was a crocheted cactus - hmm.

Wendy picked her present first, then swapped it, then got her original present back.  I forgot to take a picture but she ended up with a lovely lace bookmark.

 There was also a quilt show of our efforts - Wendy's bedspread drew a lot of admiring comments!

Back home, and with dogs walked, I opened the post - it was this month's sewing pattern for my Lynette Anderson block of the month - plus a lovely surprise from the store keeper - a money off voucher!!  Now, how can I use that then?

So, tonight holds the promise of the alphabet strip embroidery with a "hint" of present wrapping so that I can get some in the post.  Don't you just love this time of year?


  1. Aw no🤔😱 now the suspense is killing me,
    I keep thinking it would be possible to dismantle and fit a Bernina in that bag, or you could be trying to put me off the scent Of the big box behind the scenes.
    I do love you!
    What a BFF x