Sunday, 17 December 2017

Christmas Party time

Today  was our Scamblesby Christmas Party - a day of sewing, plus a Christmas Lunch at a local carvery where we swapped our Secret Santa gifts.  Every year we swap a wrapped fat quarter - we can all find a use for a fat quarter after all!

Every year (just to be a meanie) I issue a "Dobbo's Challenge".  This year they were challenged to make anything they wanted - deadline of April - using their wrapping paper as an inspiration  that got the old brain cells going!  The photo shows my paper which was wrapped up with string - so I need to start thinking!

Sadly Jean and I had to leave after lunch -as I said yesterday, our Carol Service started at 4pm so I wanted to get back.  The Carol Service is by candlelight and has a lovely relaxed feeling amongst the hustle bustle of Christmas preparations.

Once home, and with ta cooking, it was time to turn my mind to tomorrow's slimming World taster event - I decided to make some smoked salmon mousse and wanted to leave it chilling overnight.

That just left the fire to light before I plan to settle down, catch up with "The Feud" that I recorded last night and watch the final of The Apprentice.  Talking about finals - well done to my brother,Phil, who chose Joe in the final show as his winner - Joe deserved it last night - but, there again, Alexandra was fab as well!  Once we've had both the Strictly final and The Apprentice final, you just know that Christmas is around the corner!

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