Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Sorting out THE shed!

Today was allocated to be spent with Mum and Dad.  You may recall that she has a new shed for her kitchen over-spill storage -well, today, was the start of moving into the shed.   As I rescued boxes from the garage, Mum sorted through them and then I took them outside and put them into the shed - we made a good team.  Meanwhile Dad was working on the lodge - he currently has electrics now working in the lodge which will allow heating to be installed.

Dad has then measured the floor in order to pick up and fit a carpet before adding some rugs for extra warmth.  Mum has some brand new chenille curtains to put up - once Dad has fitted the poles.  This lodge is really going to be the height of luxury! It brings a new meaning to "glamping"!

Of course, I had an ulterior reason for going - I was able to take my presents and arrange them under the tree - the shoe boxes sure makes it easier to arrange!

Back home, and with the sun beginning to set, I walked the dogs and then set to sorting out my fabric etc for my sewing day at Belchford tomorrow.  Sewingbuddy and I are aiming to take the pattern that we sewed last week and "bling" it up in some way.  It's a really useful pattern with many possibilities for changes.  I was also able to put some sewing things away (get me!) and start to think about how to arrange the lounge for Christmas.

Meanwhile, you ask, how did the shawl go?  Is it finished?  Well, apart from sewing the ends in, it is - and I am quite pleased with it!  My next knitting project is a waistcoat - but I am not ready to start that yet - I need to concentrate on the embroidery for my sewing class.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the Lodge! Great place to put the tree and yes, doesn't it look good with the boxes!

  2. That hall was made for a Christmas tree!