Friday, 1 December 2017

It's Christmas !!!!!!

Yesterday I couldn't blog since I was up early and out of the house at 7am and only got home at 9:30pm.  Why?  well, yesterday was my day to meet up with Julia and Trisha for some Christmas retail therapy, lunch at Harvey Nicks (oh how I love saying that - it was mushroom soup and a mince pie but doesn't it sound grand?  It also provided some goodies - the chocolates - for my advent calendar - thank you Trisha for yours x) and a visit to the theatre.  The day was made more special by the arrival of snow and the lovely Christmas lights - it really got you in the mood!  At the theatre we saw "Fat Friends - the musical" -not only was it a fantastic laugh but I really loved the moments when the whole theatre erupted in a collective laughter at the stupidity of diets and slimming clubs - they clearly recognised those moments!

The trip home was lightly spoiled by my train being cancelled - it meant that a 30 minute connection at Doncaster was reduced to a two minute one or an hour wait for the next train.  As it so happened the connecting train was 2 minutes late so I now had 4 minutes - cue a hurried walk - as I stepped n to the Cleethorpes train and say down, so the doors shut and the train set off - phew!  After stopping off at Mum's for a cuppa and to pick up the dogs (they had really enjoyed playing in the snow in Mum's garden), it was home (via a snow covered road!) to chill and relax with a hot chocolate before heading to bed.  I only mention this because I must have been so tired that I slept solidly until ten to nine this morning - oops!

So, onto today - the rain has come down and washed the snow away -just as well, there was enough to make the roads dodgy but not enough to look nice.  I have three lovely days ahead of me to hunker down and finish those two last presents, put the decorations up and continue with the cleaning and sorting. Of course the 1st December means advent calendars - I have one from Phil (we swap advent presents), a Lindt one that I treated myself to and my wall hanging one wit little gifts in.  I opened one of Wendy's gifts today - a lovely bag of Percy Pigs!!  This diet is not going well!  I guess that my aim for Christmas must be to ration myself.

Once the house had been sorted (for once it was actually not bad seeing as I hadn't been in all day yesterday), my first project was to quilt the outside of a bag.  I really like this vibrant fabric - I bought it last March in Norfolk - you see, I can use my stash after all!

Then it was onto this month's "Sweet Pea" design - an embroidered gift basket.  As I said last month, I am not sure how I will use it but it is giving me practise using my embroidery machine.  For this design you have to embroider four squares, add another five and then sew them together - quilt like.  Hopefully the actual basket will be finished tomorrow - the deadline is Sunday!

With the fire lit (it is still cold here), I then planned to indulge on some hand sewing on the remaining present (this really is a work of art that I REALLY don't want to give away - do you think Mum would leave it to me in her will?)  However my eyes may just have closed for a minute or two!

So, not the busiest of days but a really laid back, enjoyable one - storing energy for tomorrow's attack on the decorations!

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