Friday, 22 December 2017

Ooh, Ah, Ouch!

Yesterday I commented to mum that I ached all over -the kind of ache that you would get if you had exercised hard.  This morning I woke up with a bad back - ouch! Normally I would put a heat pad on it but only have the sort in that you stick onto clothing - not onto your skin - so it's not as effective.  So today has been less mobile than ever!

First up was some bed changing and washing - all achieved with the help of my trusty walking stick of course!

Then it was onto the book cover that I started last Sunday - well, it would have been completed a lot quicker if I didn't have to keep getting up and ironing / cutting etc! I will slip stitch the opening tonight.  As I said before, I have sewn together the selvages from a range of projects this year - I like the idea of reminiscing - as well as making fabric from scraps that you would usually throw away!

Instead there was an impromptu lunchtime meeting with Sewingbuddy to give her the fabric and have a cuppa.

With time out for the usual tidy round (well, this cartoon was more like it), I then had an appointment with the doctor to find out the results of the blood test last week(everything fine), before coming home, sorting out dinner and settling down to"Nativity 2" on BBC 2 (well, it does have David Tennant in after all!)

All in all, not the most productive day but needs must!  I am going to collect the Christmas meat hamper tomorrow morning - let's hope that the back has settled down by then.  I managed to get some heat pads when I was out so will have them - at least.

On a different note - according to the tv schedule tonight, it's 40 years since "Saturday Night Fever" was released.  I remember going to see the film at the cinema  - aware that I was 17 1/2 and it was an 18 film!  Every time the usherette came with her torch (yes I am that old) I was convinced that she was going to shine it in my face and order me out!!  How times have changed!


  1. Love the book cover, feel I need one too!
    Hope your back feels better tomorrow.

  2. Ouch to the aches and pains, such a nuisance to be slowed down, especially at this time of year. I too went to see Saturday Night Fever....and how many years younger than you am I? Oooo, naughty me!