Sunday, 24 December 2017

Committed to the cause!

With my back still playing up, I picked Jean up at 8:30 (Jean is suffering with what I suspect is the flu / heavy cold - aches all over, muzzy head etc) - now, where would we two crocks be going at 8:30am on Christmas Eve?  Why -Slimming World, of course!  We had decided some months ago that if we went to this weigh in then it might protect last week from overeating - and it did!  I lost 1 1/2 lbs so was well chuffed!  We then popped around the corner to Morrisons to brave the supermarket and get some fresh fruit and veg - they had opened the store at 9am so we were able to to shop and then join a queue to check out.  Let's just say that, by 10:14am, we were in the car driving away - job done!

Back home, and after a cuppa (plus a couple of Christmas biscuits!) it was then back to staggering around to get the house ready for Mum and Dad tomorrow.  When we were in Devon, the rule was to get everything done by lunchtime and then we went out to enjoy the festivities.  Well, I may not be going out but I can still chill in front of the tv knowing that everything has been done - why is there always one last present that needs to be wrapped?

A snooze later, and watching that well known Christmas Classic - "Guys and Dolls", I managed to get within finishing distance of my sewing box embroidery.  I have struggled with the trees so have resorted to using chain stitch!

With the house tidy, the lights on and no need for the fire (it's too warm to have both the fire and the central heating on) it's time to wish everyone a happy Christmas - I hope that it brings you all that you need xx


  1. Have a lovely Christmas and I do hope your back feels better soon x

  2. Well done! Looking forward to seeing everything very soon!