Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Boxing Day Blues? Nah - not me - I'm a proclaimer!!

How often have you heard that phrase -Boxing Day Blues?  After the hectic Christmas Day, some people can find Boxing Day a let down.  In my case, however, a quiet Christmas Day was followed by preparations for the next phase - "Christmas Day" on Thursday when a number of family members get together at Mum and Dad's.  Thankfully my back feels back to normal so I talked to the house sitter,

made some SW chocolate brownies (but forgot to line the dish with greaseproof paper so getting them out will be fun!),

made a SW Christmas cake(made with butternut squash puree!), and stripped the bed and washed it - ready to take the bedding with me tomorrow for my "airbed" experience!!

With the hoovering to do (Dad's dog, Maisie, sure leaves a lot of black hairs) and the packing to do, I was nearly ready - oh, apart from packing my food bag (porridge, bananas, creme fraiche etc) - plus the dog walking (a novelty for them after the last few days), it was then time to settle down.  I had promised myself a viewing of the latest Beauty and the Beast (Jean and I had watched it at the cinema and I enjoy a good sing along) whilst I carried on with the embroidery and finished the Christmas Day sewing project (it just needed a bit of hand stitching).  This was a very indulgent Boxing Day indeed!

I even managed to run up a small notebook cover using the same techniques as with the larger one!  If you are interested in making one - then I recommend this pattern - it really works, you don't have to do the applique if you don't want to, and it is easy to scale up and down!

And the reference to being a proclaimer - well, with 5 days to go until the end of 2017, I finally achieved my new year's resolution of walking 1000 miles!  I am well pleased!!!


  1. Yayyyyyy! Well done on the challenge, and so glad the back is sorted!

  2. Congratulations you must feel chuffed!