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Monday, 14 May 2018

I'm following the "Cruise" diet now!

So, today was the usual Textile Group followed by Slimming World - well, it would have been if Dad didn't phone me for help this morning with his computer.  Somehow (not his fault of course) his word and excel documents all had a black background.  Cue a lunchtime visit!

The Textile group went well.  We are all doing our own thing for the next couple of weeks until  we start the new project after half term and I, of course, continued with the suffolk puffs!  I was delighted to see, however, that one of our newbies, Sue, finished her retreat bag and installed the frame.  She was really pleased with it - as she should be!

The lunchtime computer visit caused many searches on google - before a simple right click sorted the problem - phew!  So there was finally time to pop into Morrisons where this tray of strawberries caught my eye - mmmm

Then I couldn't avoid it any longer - it was time to face the scales.  I knew that I had got right back onto the SW plan the day after I got back - but did not expect to finish the holiday 1 pound LESS than I started it!  Wow! Fingers crossed that this doesn't come back to haunt me next week then!

On the way home I dropped Jean off and went to have a look at her new chicks - VERY CUTE! - before coming home, sorting out tea and prepping for the week ahead - and so it starts again!


  1. How on earth did you manage that!!! Good for you though!

    1. No idea - but I will take it! One of my friends weighs in today so we will see what the true amount should have been!

  2. Oh my cruise diet indeed, perhaps having fresh fruits and vegetables on board helped ? Or perhaps you were more active during the cruise than at home ? Or maybe that cold used up lots of your stored stuff ?
    Just be thankful and continue as you have done so well and I want to continue to cheer you on

    1. Thank you Colleen - I can't pretend that I was good on board but I was more active - there were sooooo many stairs!