Saturday, 12 May 2018

Cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze!

Armed with mum's Lemsip capsules ( plus a large box of tissues), today saw me heading off for a sewing day at Scamblesby.  Truthfully I couldn't settle on any project to take with me and so took some hand sewing.  As well as priming some embroidery for my monthly sewing class,  managed to bind my Gail Pan wall hanging that has been hanging around for nearly two hours - and started on the 20 suffolk puffs that are needed to finish!

Of curse, as usual, everyone was doing different projects.  Jean was working on her first Retreat bag - and nearly completed it!

Whilst Heather was working on some itty bitty patchwork squares for her Lynnette Anderson Seaside Town quilt (how I remember the pain of these squares!)

Terry, meanwhile, was working on one of her Scamblesy quilt squares,

and Pat was cutting out mountains of strips for her curved log cabin quilt.

Ev was tackling some bowl cosies for a friend who had burnt herself on a hot dish from the microwave,

Chris was tackling some English Paper piecing and

Sandra was tackling some embroidery from her sewing class.  Suffice it to say we are the richer for watching the efforts of each other, enjoying the laughter and company and being inspired by the different projects!

As for my cold - well it is still there and I am thinking about taking out shares in a tissue factory!


  1. Shame about the cold :( good to see its not holding you back on the essentials of life though :)

  2. Welcome home so sorry you are unwell

  3. Hope you feel better soon Lynda! Love the Gail Pan wallhanging! Christine x

    1. I bought it at her workshop - seems such along time ago now!