Friday, 18 May 2018

It's all about choices .....I guess!

Last night, you may recall, I went out with the WI for supper to a fish and chip restaurant on the pier at Cleethorpes -and had a fantastic time.  whilst others were enjoying their fish and chips (this was a portion for senior citizens - HUGE!) I chose griddled salmon and new potatoes.  There was a tad too much hollandaise sauce - but this was a third of the dish!!

I resisted the puddings - in favour of a coffee and biscuit - but didn't they look tempting?  The one on the left was an unusual way of presenting a trifle!

Today after, erm, a little lie in ( I woke up at a shocking 9:15am - but don't tell anyone) it was off out to Mum and Dad's to admire their tiled conservatory floor - just the skirting to go now and the job is finished.  We decided to go out for lunch and I had a jacket potato with a mince n veg filling - whilst they tempted me with their choice of Steak Pie (Mum had chicken pie) and veg.  Truthfully Steak pie is my favourite and I could have tried to justify it ......but I am glad I didn't.  My Slimming World consultant came in and sat at the next table - oops I swerved that one then didn't I?

After buying some plants for the hanging baskets, it was back home to take advantage of this lovely weather and walk the dogs up at the beach.  It's real T-shirt weather!  I will admit, then, to sitting down and watching the final instalment of "Innocent".  We had discussed who had "done it" last night and I won't reveal the murderer - suffice to say I got it wrong!

Tonight I am out again (I know I know!) - this time its the book club meeting at the local pub - more food choices then! This time we are discussing "My Cousin Rachel" by Daphne Du Maurier but I am not sure how many have read the book.  I suspect that most of us (yes me included) have cheated and watched the film!!

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