Sunday, 13 May 2018

Maybe Mum was right all along!

After yet another 9 hour sleep, I woke up .......feeling tired and headachey (Mum had said that I shouldn't go sewing yesterday but I ignored her!!)!  Yes I took my lemsip pills and yes, they do give me some relief from the incessant coughing and sneezing, but I really felt like doing absolutely nothing!  I did struggle through the holiday ironing but then gave in to the desire and settled down, with Daisy on my knee and my monthly sewing class embroidery homework and worked my way through some TV catch up.

First was a film - My Cousin Rachel.  Truthfully this was this month's book for our book club and , having seen the stage play last year, I couldn't bring myself to read the book.  Cheating I know ...... but the book club is this week!

Then it was onto  a myriad of tv programmes such as "Gogglebox" and "The Lady in White" with short breaks in-between to make me feel less lazy!  Short tasks such as trimming the lawn edges, a little weeding of the gravel near the patio or emptying the dishwasher.  Today's activities may well not make great reading but it sure got a lot of embroidery done.  I have the four large sides of a box to embroider and, by bedtime tonight, will have completed side one and started on side 2.  I only started last night!  I would also add that the coughing is much less now and I am beginning to come out of the fog - so, maybe, just maybe, Mum was right after all!

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  1. Of course she was, hope you continue to be on the mend ready for your first full week back to routine