Tuesday, 15 May 2018

On a roll .......at last!

You can tell that I am on the mend - by coffee time I had stripped the bed and washed the bedding, made a corned beef quiche for lunch, ordered some shoes for a wedding in August, booked a train ticket to Nottingham to watch "An Officer and a Gentleman" (the musical) in July with Trisha, tidied the kitchen and finished another pile of ironing!  Don't get me wrong, the cough is still there but it's nowhere as bad and my head feels a lot clearer. How did I celebrate?  Well - a coffee and some reading in the summer house of course - it was just too nice not to!  Millie and Daisy joined me for a sunbathe!

Being such a lovely sunny day, I then took the dogs up to the beach.  When they stay with Mum and Dad they enjoy the large garden to run around but it's lovely to see them running freely on the beach.

Back home, and after a VERY healthy lunch of 1/3 quiche and salad, I tackled some hi-tech downloading of photos and emailing to the girls.  I did say that there there more holiday snaps now didn't I? So I thought I would show you the three of us off on a shore excursion and my view from the cabin balcony as we docked in Dubrovnik!  Couldn't see Johnny Depp anywhere - but we looked hard!

Next stop was the veg trug and some planting.  Last year's strawberry plants have really thrived and I picked up some purple sprouting broccoli plants yesterday so took the opportunity to get them sorted.  Whilst I was out in the garden I planted up my sweet peas.  They had been "on holiday" at Mum's whilst I was away so I daren't forget them!!

With just time for a quick hoover round, I am pooped - but feeling so much more energetic than I was - thank goodness.  My homework embroidery is going well and I have almost finished side 2 (out of 4) so that will be my focus tonight.

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  1. Great to hear you are on the mend and enjoying this lovely weather