Thursday, 17 May 2018

Heavy going .......

Let's start with last night and An American In Paris - it was simply wonderful.  Glorious dancing, wonderful Gershwin music and live stage - what's not to like?  the only problem is that I couldn't sleep - the music was going round and round in my head! Bliss and torture all in one!

Consequently today has been rather like walking in treacle - heavy going!  I couldn't have a lie in - Daisy was at the groomers (yep - she had a "daisy" bow in her ear!!) - but, by coffee time I was back home, feet up and catching up with last night's "Innocent" whilst trying finishing side 2 of my embroidery and with Daisy on my knee!  Truthfully I was tempted to do some more sock knitting and got a few rows in!

After a "bracing" walk on the beach to wake me up, lunch was a healthy one before retreating to the couch with some more embroidery and Coronation Street on catch up.  Suffice to say that my eyes may just have closed for a while!!  After which it was time to put the large suitcase in the loft, get the small one out for Mum and Dad to borrow and find some wool for Mum to do some charity knitting - is this the life I dreamt of? - before popping out into the garden to finish tying up the new raspberry canes!!  At least I have managed to take advantage of a Sainsbury's coupon and ordered my online shopping for tomorrow between 5 and 6pm!

Tonight I am out again - this time it's the WI supper club and we are going to a fish and chip restaurant!!  I have looked at the menu and have decided to choose grilled salmon, new potatoes and peas - bless!

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  1. Oh dear,looks like another sock addict in the family!! I love making something I will actually wear cos a sock is a sock and will go with anything and always fit! I have knitted stuff for myself in the past only to discover I don't like the style on me! Dinner sounds lush :)