Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Where a day of "chillin" and relaxing does not end so well!

Today was all planned -a quick visit to Tesco's (think petrol fill up and AAA batteries for my travel fan) and then a really relaxing morning at the hairdressers where I was pampered from head to toe - literally.  A hairdo and colour, a manicure and a pedicure - the three hours parking ticket was only JUST enough - with 3 minutes to spare!

Back home and, after a quick lunch, thoughts turned to really getting going with the packing - at last!  As I was going from one room to another, Millie started to follow me and I noticed a bald patch on her hind leg.  She had been licking herself a lot yesterday and I might have left it - but didn't want the housesitter to have any problems so made a quick call to the vets who had an appointment at 4pm.  So off we went.  Well - you really have to know and love Millie to appreciate how much of a pain she is at the vets.  Seriously - we had to corner her to let the vet have a look, hold her down to shave her and then two nurses took over whilst the vet checked her anal glands.  After all of that I have come home with flea treatment (just in case - they couldn't find any), antibiotics, steroids and a collar if she doesn't stop licking herself - the housesitter is going to have fun!  Thankfully they don't think that its anything serious - but, as I speak, Millie is flat out asleep after all of that exertion and stress!

Meanwhile, of course, the packing still hasn't been started - and I leave in just over 24 hours - yikes!


  1. For our last two long haul holidays we have had pets become ill 24hrs before leaving! I can sympathise!!

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