Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The drought has ended!

Well, the weather may be gloomier today, and a little chillier, but today was a special day!  After two weeks of no machine sewing - I started making some small cable tidies - not the greatest of projects to start sewing again - but I thought that I'd make some for the forthcoming craft fair.  Today was also the day that I started my sock knitting experience - but more of that later!

Of course there was also the normal housework, and my return to serious star climbing (I am behind schedule to climb Mount Everest in a year!), but my next sewing machine project was to sew the pennants for the WI bunting.  The theme was "All the fun of the fair" and I even embroidered two of the pennants whilst sunbathing on the cruise!  I can't finish the bunting until I know the exact dimensions so that I can space the flags - but it's a huge step forward.

Wrapped up against the cold, we braved the beach for the dog walk before setting off to the Knit and natter group - and it was time to tackle the socks!!  This was my nemesis and something that I wanted to master.  My cousin had given me some wool, needles and links to patterns.  I just needed to be brave!  Several of the group were also trying their hand with Carol having mastered the knack!  After two and a half hours I managed to get past the awkward stage and have now completed the rib and two rows of knit.  Eighteen rows down, another 55 to go before I turn the heel!  My cousin was right - the first few rows are particularly awkward but it does get better!

Tonight Jean and I are off to the cinema to watch the musical "An American in Paris" beamed live from the Dominion Theatre in the West End (it's their last night tonight!).  I had a slight panic when I checked the time on the website and saw that the tickets were all sold out - yikes!  For once I was going to pay on the door and so hadn't pre-booked!  However the Louth branch of the cinema chain was also showing it tonight so I booked tickets there as well - this is clearly going to be popular!  Ah well - at least I have saved some syns for my magnum!!

Meanwhile, I must just share with you - it's not as if Sewingbuddy doesn't get me into enough trouble now is it?  Now there is a second contender for the office of "temptress" - Wendy!  After one phone call, we have both ordered this pattern!!  Any hope of extending daytime hours and never sleeping?   I will get my own back - the shop that sells this designer's pattern is near to our Lynette Anderson workshop - it would be wrong not to pop in - surely?

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  1. What a lovely back drop for your hand sewing :) started the socks! Well done! I must confess to not counting rows anymore and just turning the heel when I feel its long enough....row counting bores me....but you need to do it for the heel gusset I ought to add. Keep at it.