Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A glimpse of the future!


This morning started with a layout - of The Splendid Sampler blocks of course.  I have now got to the stage where I can layout all of the squares, be happy with the positioning and then start to sew more rows.  Of course some squares need finishing off but I hope you agree that its going to look a corker!  The bit that I really like about the project is that many individual blocks take you back - the green shed, for example, was around the time I had my much dreaded MRI scan and represents my "she cave".  So, I am sure you can see how my day has gone - sewing, quilting and trimming.  By the end of the day I now have 3 more rows ready to be slipped stitched tonight - not bad going eh?

Of course, even I (and  I know that this is going to come as a shock to some people) cannot just sew all day!  For a break I did some church admin - our secretary is bidding for some grants and wanted an up to date financial report which I was able to send through to her.

Then, of course, there was a lovely walk with the dogs - lovely because the sun is out and there were only a few people up at the beach so the dogs could run freely as usual.  We went a different route today since there were a number of bird watchers about and they tend to get annoyed with yapping dogs scaring away their target!  We ended up in the sand dunes which are full of scrub - just right for Daisy to run and leap through!

Apart from some cooking - slow cooker on with mince for tea and a crustless quiche for a few lunches, it was then out into the garden and for some tidying up and sweeping.  After several dry days, it was easier to sweep than usual and lots of dry twigs from my pruning a few days ago needed sorting!  I really can't believe that we are still in February - although not for much longer!

Before I go I must just show you this.  My cousin persuaded me to buy some moisture traps from Home Bargains (she gets hers from Poundland).  This has been in the conservatory since the beginning of January and has absorbed this much moisture (it's nearly full!) out of the air - no wonder there has been little or no condensation!


  1. That is one work of art! It will look amazing when finished! Wow to the water collected...they are amazing little boxes aren't they!

  2. Quilt looks amazing, so jealous cant ever imagine me getting to that stage!

    1. remember the old adage - finished is better than perfect!!