Thursday, 2 February 2017

Those pesky "preparation" tasks!

As I said yesterday, tonight is the WI meeting so my first task was to wrap the birthday gifts.  This month 6 lucky people are getting a primrose plant - I love their cheerful display at this gloomy time of the year.  Since it's a gift from the WI, I wrap each one in cellophane and put a gift label on.  The extra plants are also wrapped, in case I miss anyone out (hasn't happened yet but you never know) and, if not used, are placed onto the raffle table.  I am also responsible for buying some raffle prizes to ensure that there are a core number of prizes.

Next up was some menu planning (I always eat healthier if I plan my meals for the week) and then placing an order for a Tesco shop.  The order should arrive tomorrow afternoon and the cost of delivery (£5 in this case) compares favourably with the cost of diesel to drive to the shop.  Plus there is the added advantage of not being distracted by offers etc.  (Mind you, as I write this I have suddenly had to break off and add dog food to the order - why do we always forget something?)

After braving the elements with the dogs up at the beach (it was cold, overcast and the wind was getting up_, it was a bit of sewing as a light relief and reward for my bravery (well there are still some recordings of Midsummer Murders to get through!)  Having quilted some Splendid Sampler blocks at Christmas, it was time to add some sashing and start to assemble them into rows.  As you can see rows one and two have been completed - back and front.  I say row one and two but that might not be their final position!!

Today block 97 was published - so it only seemed fitting that I try and do it the day it comes out.  Truthfully it was supposed to be a fairly easy block and is supposed to be a clutch bag.  My effort, however, came out far too wonky to be of use so I will put it down to sewing late and start again tomorrow!  Sometimes you have just got to walk away!

Finally it was time for some church admin before cooking the quiche that I have bought for the WI supper table tonight.  Having declared February "Sugar Free"  it will be difficult to avoid the lovely cakes on offer !!


  1. Really love primroses...especially the yellow ones :)

  2. S s looking great.
    Sugar free Feb? What about Sunday?