Friday, 24 February 2017

Family time

Last night, as you may recall, ladies from our WI gathered together for our craft evening.  Our plan was to make some bonding hearts and, after a massive team effort, I can report that we made 117 in total!!  Some still have to be top stitched but I am sure that you will agree this is a fantastic effort!

After a sleepless night, it was off to Leicester today with Terry and Wendy.  I was going to meet up with my brother for coffee and a catch-up whilst Wendy wanted to go shopping and Terry spent the day at The Fabric Guild - trust me , Wendy and I ended up there as well!  It must be well over a year since I had seen Steve and he brought his daughter, Cadi, and her two daughters Abi and Evie - talk about two cheeky munchkins!! It was lovely to see them "tag team" each other and enjoy themselves.  Evie particularly liked "Granddad's babycino" - anything that Granddad does is special in Evie's eyes!!

After a lengthy catch up, it was back to the fabric guild to pick Terry up - oh, and see if there's anything worth picking up of course!  I managed to get 2 yards of each of these fabrics - my youngest brother wants bunting for his wedding later in the year so I hope that these are okay!

After getting back at gone 5pm, it's a quick turn around to go out at 6:30pm to go to this month's book club meeting and meal.  Perhaps it's just as well that I didn't have any lunch today!!

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