Monday, 6 February 2017

Another new venture!

Last week, at the WI meeting, there was one of those chance conversations which led to a group of friends meeting this morning before the textile group. We were all past members of slimming groups - weight watchers, slimming world, rosemary conley etc - and so appreciated the need for support from friends.  However we had been put off the classic formation of these groups and pondered - could we do it ourselves?  After a short meeting this morning the answer was a resounding YES!  So, rules were discussed, initial weigh ins took place, a facebook page set up and we are off and running - the Monday Morning Gang!  No particular plan is being promoted and, indeed, most are following different ones.  I am trying the low carb approach but others are trying some of the more traditional ones.  Let's see how successful this venture is!

The textile group then started as the MMG meeting closed and we were trying to finish the sewing tote bag.  I only need to close the lining in the bag but others are at different stages.  We did make life difficult for ourselves by not using the correct size of squares and following the pattern.  We knew better of course.  (Ha Ha) 

After a lovely sunny walk up at the beach - making the most of it since Daisy won't be able to go out for a few days after her op tomorrow - it was home for lunch and then a struggle with my appliquick tools.  The 98th Splendid Sampler block was published yesterday and it's an applique fleur de lys.  Last night, horrors of horrors, I didn't do any sewing and so took the time to prepare something for tonight.  Mind you - I might just have bought the wool to start this project - well, I always wanted to learn how to crochet properly and, after all, it would go nicely in my she cave!

On a different note, I saw sight today of the next "bonus block" for the Scamblesby quilt.  I can't wait to do it myself, let alone show the other girls! It uses a totally different skill to any used so far!!!!  That's all I am going to say on the matter - sorry Sewingbuddy.

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  1. I've been following the CAL on the Moorland blanket, colours are lovely but not brave enough to try out the stitch! As for the new venture...well done! Am on my own "Cold Turkey and Apple Sauce diet" at the this space tomorrow!