Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day xx

Firstly we need to mark a wonderful milestone - last night I finished my last ever Splendid Sampler Square - weyhey!!  This morning I added the borders to my Lynette Anderson square and then checked through my file of printouts to make sure that everything was there - the free printouts are only available for the next week or so!  I also checked how many "bonus" blocks I have done - 7 in total, so I need to do another 3 to complete the quilt. Well, I say "complete" - now the hard works starts with the quilting, sashing and binding!  All within a self imposed deadline of March 11th!!  Help.

This afternoon, you may recall, my new dishwasher arrived.  Oh the joy - I will relish not having to wash up again!!  Consequently I spent the morning tidying up and washing the kitchen floor - well, we can't have those poor men kneeling on a dirty floor now can we?  I may, just may, have overdosed on sewing recently so the house is bearing the signs of neglect - I won't say anymore!  I have also put the window cleaner on charge - this dreadful sun is not doing my windows any good - you can see every mark lol!

After a lovely sunny walk with the dogs (the temperature is definitely on the rise - I have turned the heating off (gulp) and the forecast suggests that it may get high enough tomorrow onwards for a week to think about getting on with the fence painting!  - mind you it also forecasts rain tomorrow - hey ho!), it was then onto a totally different task - Christmas present making!  I have a project that I can dip in and out of so wanted a break from the SS blocks.  Mind you it entails changing the foot of the sewing machine to the free machine quilting foot which would then lead seamlessly into the SS blocks!

After that everything seemed to be going more wrong than right, it was time to walk away!  How many times do I say that but its right - thing's are often better after a break.  I used my good old soup maker for lunch - kale soup - before settling down to some church admin - numbers are always more reliable!  Meanwhile Daisy made herself known to the two men fitting the dishwasher - she loved the attention!

All that's left to do today is to nip out and get some dishwasher salt (they leave you with a complimentary pack of rinse aid and 2 tablets - but no salt?) before making tea and settling down to some handsewing.  My master plan is to start the dishwasher at the beginning of Eastenders and see if it is finished by the end - oh the excitement of a short cycle.  I'm easily pleased!!


  1. Wow the Splendid Sampler finally finished...well part of it anyway! Look forward to seeing the final quilt!

  2. Congratulations Lynda on getting all the Splendid Sampler blocks completed.... I have printed them all off but because of my house move in the middle of last year got side tracked.... one day I may get them finished! Love the new dishwasher!! Christine x