Saturday, 11 February 2017

Today was so full of promise .......

.....until I woke up!

I had planned to go to the garden centre to buy some compost for the veg trug and two baskets to go outside the front door (the screws are there - I just need to find baskets to fit).  This might seem a bit premature given the weather but I have a £8 off a £40 spend, which runs out next Tuesday, and £8 in loyalty vouchers so am hoping that you can use both together and have a whopping £16 off! However, when I woke up, the weather was wet and dreary - and hasn't really changed all day although it does seem to be getting colder and colder!  Since the compost is stored outside, I just couldn't bear lugging wet bags in and out of the car.

So, instead, I went to "work".  That would be my sewing work of course.  Being slightly obsessed with the splendid sampler, the 100th (last) block is published tomorrow although the website suggests that there will be some form of celebration block on Tuesday.  After today's efforts, I would really love to finish all of the blocks by Tuesday as well - although I also have some bonus blocks to complete in order to get to 110 in total.  So, what did I manage to achieve?  Well, first up was this paper piecing block - which took 2 1/2 hours (including much unpicking) to complete.

Then I prepared two blocks ready to be hand embroidered and appliqued.

Finally I completed the embroidery on yesterday's block and completed the sashing on row 3.

Millie and Daisy, of course, have adjusted to the cold weather by curling up in their beds in the sewing room and sleeping all morning - it's a hard life!

Tonight it's my turn to volunteer for Hospitalities at the local theatre so I will, of course, be taking some of this hand work with me.  How many blocks are left to be completed?  Well, by my count I have 5 left to do (not counting the two prepared today) - including tomorrow's block.  I can make it, I will make it!!  As for the garden centre - well, it's only the 11th Feb - I still have 3 days to use the voucher!

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