Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Diva Daisy has taken to her bed!

Well, I brought Daisy home and she was walking, well I guess you would say, gingerly.  She took straight to her bed and stayed here all evening - only really raising her head to eat a small tea.  Later on in the evening she did come into the lounge for a cuddle but then settled down on my knees to go back to sleep.  Clearly it had been a traumatic day yesterday.  Today, however, she has perked up a little.  She is still bed bound and is sleeping it all off - but wouldn't we if we had such an op?  However she has had her breakfast (thank goodness - that contained her dose of painkiller) and we haven't gone out today - in fact she is not allowed to go out for any walks until after Friday at the earliest!

So, today is a quiet at home day.  As a list maker, I had a mountain of tasks to complete but most of them too mundane to report.  I showed my "A Quilter Lives Here" to my sewing teacher yesterday and it went down well - so now that could be hung on the wall and I can take the Christmas one down at last! I also spent QUITE a long time on the phone to a relative who just couldn't understand the technology that we were dealing with - so we had to solve the problem in a different way.

Other than managing to burn carrots whist making soup(Nigella I am not!!), the other big news at Dobbo towers is that I have a new poached egg pan!  I used to have tis type of pan when I was young but they seemed to go out of favour.  I have used pods etc but then noticed that Tesco were selling these - the eggs turned out wonderfully!!   Craftwise I wrestled with a foundation piecing block but just had to walk away - it defeated me today - but I will be back!!


  1. I still have that sort of poacher! Used to be nans I think! Although I have taken to poaching my eggs straight in the water these days...had them yesterday with gammon as it so happens!
    Technology aye!

  2. Replies
    1. It's the block with bows - but you are right - I have gone back and completed the first quarter - phew! Will leave the other three until tomorrow!

  3. Hope Daisy feels a lot better soon.... I am sure she will! I used to have an egg poacher like that too.... I can't remember what happened to it but I don't get the same results with others I have tried! Christine x