Monday, 29 June 2015

What goes around comes around .....

Well - after a week of giving random acts of kindness I was on the receiving end this morning.  I had popped into Louth for some more green paint (more of that later) and went to get a parking ticket - only to find that they wanted my registration number and my glasses were in the car - cue a RAK who stepped forward and entered the details for me.  Mind you I then paid it forward by helping an elderly lady get her walking trolley up into a shop - there were a couple of steps.  Whilst in the shop buying paint my eyes alighted on this little sign - not too expensive and, well, there was a gap on the dresser!

Then it was home - although it was only around 10:30am the heat was climbing and the dogs did not know what to do with themselves - so I decided that it would be a productive sitting down day.  First there was a crate to paint - and then while the different sides were drying I nipped out to work on the seating area - cue more sweeping up!  The crate would then be lined with fabric (fabric from my stash - not purchased - note!) - to keep the dust out when storing serving dishes and will live in the conservatory.  Today being Monday, I have to take a picture of the conservatory to prove to ME that its still okay (even though she keeps sending surprise guests around to check up one me!!) so will include a picture of the crate in that picture.  The seating area, however, needed the white "sofa" - which had to be rescued from the end of the garden and cleaned down.

Having bought some cheap bunting and used some spare oil cloth to make a couple of outdoor cushions, I am quite pleased with the area.  I still think that it needs a proper table and chairs but will wait until the end of the season and see what I can pick up.

Whilst tidying away the papers ready for the recycling collection tomorrow I remembered this article that Happymum might like - its about two ladies who have set up a Jam Jar café - initially out of necessity to save money but now its the fashion,

Preparing for the heat wave I also decided to pinch this idea from Pinterest - I don't know what the ice creams will turn out like - but it seems like an easy way to achieve a low cal lolly!

And finally - another relevant t- shirt design- not sure its true in my case - I just seem to move from one project to another without completing them!!

So- to this week's conservatory pictures - complete with first crate completed ta da!! 

Puzzle pages on footstool - had to show that its a new photo!


  1. All looking very good I must say! Am sure you will like the lollies, I have done it several times for the kids over the years. Liking the sounds of the painted crate.
    Wow to the jam jar café!! Off to google it.

  2. Another productive day! Having spoken to YR this morning and found out that breakfast was in the garden at 8am. I can only conclude that the YR is very sensible. The heat we are experiencing at the moment ( and it is going to get hotter!!) 8 am will be only time that it would be sensible to go in the garden. Well done on the conservatory, not sure about the puzzle book left on the footstool, downward spiral maybe? The little sign is very sweet, even though I am not sure I agree with sentiment. Well done on the seating area, having seen it first hand the transformation is very good. I am also going to google the jam jar cafe, I think it is a brilliant idea. In fact I am going to visit someone in hospital on Wednesday and have heard that she really fancies some tinned pineapple and jelly, so what better to transport it in a jam jar!! You never know it might catch on. Am really looking forward to seeing the scones, will be that tomorrow. Xxxx

    1. I can assure you that the puzzle page is not the slippery slope - although they do say that puzzles are good for keeping my mental agility!! I do fear, however, that taking a photo of an immaculate room every week could just be a repeat of last weeks - so I like to ring the changes just to prove that its a different photo. Maybe I need to introduce a change but not tell you what - kind of spot the difference!

  3. Love the idea of jelly and pineapple in the jam jar...don't forget a spoon :)
    I did wonder how we were going to tell if it was the same pic being recycled!

  4. I like the idea of spot the change. Or you could have a large calendar visible.xx

  5. Guess the difference it us then - this is going to be fun!

  6. Like your idea of 'tidy the sewing room for 15 mins each day'. I have several jobs that need doing of a 'clearing/spring cleaning nature' and 15 mins a day might just work. Either that or the piled boxes and dusty skirting boards are left waiting even longer. When Nathanael was at primary school I thought it sounded sad that some parents just threw away any books, art work etc that came home at the end of term without looking at any of it. I have a few archive boxes that I put some 'precious things in' the rest I pile up in boxes and then leave. It's those that are now screaming at me to tidy or bin.

  7. When the boys get older they will thank you for keeping the material - in the meantime is there loft space to store the boxes? I've still got my exercise books from school - both primary and secondary - I wrote so neatly when I was six!

  8. I may keep some in the loft but the rest will have to go. I do keep special things so some will stay.