Friday, 1 July 2016

It's been a difficult day.

I went to sleep with a headache and so wasn't surprised when I woke up again around midnight with a headache and took some tablets.  However I cannot describe the pain that woke me up around 4am - as if I had been hit hard in the left eye and feeling sick if I moved.  I figured that this was a migraine and so took some more tablets and dozed feeling sorry for myself.  Whilst the pain has got better during the day, and the feeling of sickness has gone, there is still enough discomfort to require medication.

However, life goes on and this morning saw me popping into Grimsby (don't worry mother I took it easy) to pick up my poorly sewing machine - it had blown two fuses and the bill for mending, and a service, was £45 which I didn't think was too bad.  Mind you I haven't tried it out yet!

I couldn't face blasting the kitchen, as planned, and - truthfully - have spent many an hour lying on the sofa with my eyes "resting" but I did manage to put the hoover around - even venturing into the conservatory!!!  I also managed to cut the rest of the Tuesday night blocks to size ready for Sunday's sewing day.

The other "highlight" of my day was the arrival of two table lamps and a lamp shade from Dunelm - ordered online just a few hours before their sale finished.  I wasn't too sure when the box arrived - but the new towels were behind the dent!

I think that an early night is called for tonight - tomorrow Wendy and I are going to a "Dear Emma" workshop the other side of Lincoln - it looks fun.


  1. Poor you!
    Hope you get a better night sleep tonight with no headaches?

    Good news on the machine,you would pay more than that elsewhere just for a service alone.

    DIdnt know it was tomorrow you have your workshop, I can trust you to sus it all out and tell us about it on Sunday.
    Hope you both have an enjoyable day.

  2. Oh dear poor you. These headaches are a little concerning!! Hopefully you will feel a lot better tomorrow. Pleased the lamps etc. Arrived OK. We were expecting a parcel today, but nothing has arrived. A bit disappointing!! xxxx

  3. Migraines are nasty things....encouraging news that you were able to function somewhat today though, but wise to take it easy.

  4. Wow headaches I wonder if the smells of the glue or other materials used on your house are effecting you. I had to change work locations once as they had put new carpeting in the place I was working and I started getting migraines ( had not had them prior) stopped working at that location and headaches stopped.....after a time I was able to return and no problems.
    Your sewing machine repair was about equal to $60 U.S. Dollars quite a bargain I'd expect to pay $200 U.S. Dollars no wonder you can redecorate and vacation your money goes much further.....but I have my roots and sunshine here in California USA

    1. I was surprised at how cheap it was as well!