Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Unexpected finds

Oh the luxury - a whole day indoors.  Truthfully it's just as well since we are having a four seasons weather day!!  It's cold, wet, sunny and sleety!!  The forecast is for 2 - 5 cm of snow overnight - I am hoping that it's now too wet to settle - I am off early to Leeds for the day tomorrow and don't want to miss that one.

So - today was a day to spend indoors getting on with the "Christmas clean".  It started with finishing off the lounge and shutting the dogs out whilst leaving the window open to freshen the room up - brrrrr! Whilst I was sorting a couple of bags out, I came across this pair of gloves - just the type that I need for my trip tomorrow - those train stations can be rather cold!!

After giving the shower screen another go, I then sorted out the kitchen and took some items out of the freezer for tea tonight and tomorrow (Cowboy stew and sausages since you ask) before stripping the bed and doing a couple of loads of washing. Bed re-made and room hoovered I could finally settle on some "me time" (well - it was lunchtime by now!).  First up was sorting out the advent calendar (after I had been in the loft, found it and ironed it).  Wendy and I exchange some advent calendar presents so I wanted to get them in position before Friday.  I also had a "bright idea" a couple of years ago to complete a row by row hanging for the hallway - doing a  row every day.  Well, that never happened but I have come across the components so have loaded the calendar with those in the hope that I can actually finish it this year!

That done, I then lit the fire and settled in front of an old Midsomer Murder with some hand sewing on my lap - it's what days like these are for - surely?  The hand sewing was the binding on a Christmas present - so that's another one finished - just two left to go!!

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