Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A "stay at home" sewing workshop

Today turned out just as the forecast said - rain, rain, ran!  So - there was nothing for it but to stay at home and sort some things out.

First up - and after the usual household chores - was a commission that a friend has given me for her parents 60th wedding anniversary.  Julia designed it whilst we were on holiday and so, today, I made a start on the background.  I couldn't go any further since I am waiting for some information from her but we are, at least, off and running!

Next up was the creation of some cookie mixes in bags - ready to sell on behalf of the WI at the weekend at a local gala.  Sadly I underestimated how many M & M's would be needed so couldn't finish this batch - I will get some more tomorrow on my way to the cinema to watch the RSC live showing of Titus Andronicus.  The bags also need labels and pretty ribbons - but, as per the commission, I am off and running!

After a nap (well, I had briefly woken this morning and wanted to roll over and go back to sleep - when I saw that it was 7:30am so got up - I should have slept on - I was sooooo tired!) I then settled down to an in house workshop!  I had seen this lovely table topper workshop advertised but couldn't go.  Then a friend at Scamblesby had completed the table topper and offered to show everyone - this Sunday when I can't make it.  So, I thought, just get on with it -particularly as Pride and Predjudice was on Film 4 on the computer - I felt really ladylike!  There were a couple of short Youtube videos to follow so I set to.  You make 4 identical quarters and the picture shows two of them.  I have completed the third and should do the fourth tomorrow morning. Then it will just be the layering up, quilting and binding!  When its completed, it should look something like this!

After a brief interlude getting some non existent rays and pruning some weeds at the front of the house, you suddenly realise that the day has passed by and the nights are drawing in - hence more hand embroidery!!  Mind you - I now have to use a light to help the poor old eyes!

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  1. Always such a busy lady! Sad to see the nights drawing in, although I like it when its time to close the curtains and put the fire on!